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2 year old recently diagnosed


My 2 year old son had the flu in Dec 2008 followed by pneumonia and since then he has been admitted 5 times for a couple of nights and has had prednisolone another two times from the GP.

I'm worried that he is not receiving enough care, though when he has been at hospital they have been fantastic. What sort of follow-up should we be looking at and aside from the brown inhaler thing and occasional Ventolin, what should we be doing?

He just had some bloods for hemoglobin and allergies and we're waiting for the results.

My son was only diagnosed two weeks ago during an hospital admission confirmed again when we has admitted just this past week.

Thanks, a worried dad!

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Hey Frink,

Is your son being seen by a consultant at the hospital? because this is definetly the best way to get the best help for him. There are a few other things you can do; avoiding his triggers is the main one (hopefully your'll find out what they are when his blood test results come back).

Best wishes and I hope your son's doing a better!

ally x


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