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Son been given nasal spray

My 11 year old son has very mild asthma, his only symptom has ever been a cough. he has been very will controlled for years but after a very bad cold he has a very odd cough. popped along for an asthma check yesterday and the nurse said he may have a nasal drip. He has been given beconase, which i assume is like becotide but in a nasal spray.

he still has to take his preventer. i am just a bit concerned at taking 2 lots of steroids. he's on much less medication anyway than his younger brothers and has never needed nebulising or prednisolone. i think its the long term use of both together on a daily basis that is my concern.

also may be allergy related, which would figure as his younger brothers have multiple allergies. i am probably worrying over nothing, but has anyone elses child been given this?

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Me - when I was a child!! It did me no harm.

I found the nasal spray was too much of an irritant to my very sensitive nasal lining and gave up using it after a while. I went onto anti-histamines instead.


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