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when will this calm down?!

My youngest daughter, aged 2 has brittle Asthma and is on a multitude of drugs including nebs daily. We are living on our nerves with her and take each day as it comes.

Tonight my ELSDEST daughter, aged 4, had a bad Asthma attack! :-(

We called the out of hours dr who told us to use our youngest daughters neb on her and they'd call us back in 30mins time. We nebbed her but it didnt have any effect. The dr called us back and told us to drive her 40min journey to the nearest hosp to be seen. (makes me so angry!)

My poor husband took her and had to pull over twice cos she was so bad. After being seen, shes now on daily nebs plus nebs as she needs them, pred and the usual double up of inhalers.

I really am just not sure how much more we can take. Our tiny girl has terrible Asthma and is so poorly and we struggle daily with her. Shes in and out of hosp etc. BUT we've never had our eldest suffer like this too. Shes on Clenil and Ventolin but is relatively mild in comparison.

What a shock tonight has been. Why is this happening?! I just want them to be well and for Asthma to go away!

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What a terrible plight ! My granddaughter had a couple of bad attacks when she was 19 months and that was awful, especially as none of us had seen that happen before. It's heartbreaking to see a little child like that.

I'm new to this, and spent last week in hospital, and really, my care was excellent. It should be especially for little ones.

I hope things soon get better for her. This cold weather is not what she wants. I had a shock when I encountered the cold , waiting for a lift home from my daughter on Friday, after being in a warm ward for days.


when will this calm down

hi emily, i feel so sad for you. i know exactly what you mean when you say living on your nerves.

my jake is really bad again with his chest and is back on pred.

this has come quite sudden as he has been good for a while now, it just knocks you.

this weather is no good for anyone with asthma never mind little ones.

i hope your 2 little ones pick up soon, i can't imagine how hard it must be having two with it.

i feel for you i really do. if you fancy a chat pm me anytime.

take care


Hey, just wanted to say I'm thinking of you, have read lots of your post's on your youngest, and now for your eldest to be bad too, you must wonder when its going to end.

Did they refer your eldest to the consultant? fingers crossed it was a one off bad episode, how is she now? did they say why they decided not too keep your eldest in?

Anyway thinking of you, don't know how you do it.



You have my sympathy and I'd like to send a hug - from one mother to another.

Please don't lose hope.

After a near fatal attack ten years ago my daughter (then 20) was diagnosed with brittle asthma. Prior to that she had been treated as a standard asthmatic from age 4 and had struggled with asthma that was not fully controlled - we only know that with the benefit of hindsight.

Following this near fatal event, my daughter was referred to an asthma specialist. Since then she has had a green inhaler and it has made an enormous difference to her life - she has a near normal quality of life and can even play sport like netball.

My advice to you would be to ask for an appointment with an asthma specialist for both of your daughters. My daughter was not offered a specialist appointment until she had her near fatal experience. She had been hospitalised previously but nothing had been done. I regret not having pushed for specialist help. My daughter missed out on activities, outings and sports that other children took for granted.

I hope and pray that your daughters get the professional help needed to control their asthma.


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