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3 year old asthmatic


I have a 3 years old who has never been diagnosed with asthma athough she has ventolin and becotide inhalers which she uses everyday. My GP refuses to refere her to a peadiatrician for a specialist opinion despite my continual asking. She has been admitted four times this year.

Im sure my gp thinks Im just a paranoid mother as i have severe britle asthma.

Any suggestions what i can do when i see the gp again on monday if he refuses to refere her again?

Thanks Truly

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Hi Truly,

It's your right to get a second opinion. Try insisting again for a referral if all else fails say you want/demand a 2nd opinion. If you're daughter ends up being readmitted again ask the hospital if they can refer her to the outpatients clinic. My son was referred to the local hospital asthma clinic by the ward staff. Later he only got referred to a paed chest specialist by ending up in PICU in a hospital in London (we lived in Hastings at the time...) His specialist in St. Georges has asked us if we want a 2nd opinion because he's still having difficulties. Therefore you definately have that right, your GP has NO right to deny it!

Good luck!



Try asking your Health Visitor for help. They should be able to do something.


Thanks for the reply's

I have managed to get her an appointment through my own consultant.

She sees the respiratory paeditrician next month.

Hopefully they will be able to help

Best wishes



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