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my son is 4 and has been on medication for asthma since he was 6 months old.

he currently has salbutamol, becotide 100mg 2 puffs twice a day and singulair 4mg granules at night.

however since april he has had a persistent cough which was first triggered by a cold. but since then its just not shifted the pollen makes him terribly.

hes triggers are colds or infections, change in weather, excersise and more recently pollen although he was tested for pollen allergy last year and was negative.

the singulair did make a slight diff however hes gone bk to how he was b4 the singulair was introuduced, he dont stop coughing, and is realy breathless the weather constantly chaning is making him so much worse.

i was going to ask the gp is they will change the granules to the chewable tablets to see if it makes a diff to his symtons and hes also is now realising we r mixing it in his food.

has anyone gone from granules to the tablet and found a better difference to there child asthma?

was also going to ask if they could change his steroid inahler as hes been on it 3 1/2 years and i dont feel its ever done much.

hes last chest xray showed hyperinflated lungs which we was told is a sign of poorly controlled asthma but no follow up has been done

sorry its so long

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Hi Mummyto3 Sorry you are having such a bad time with your son's asthma I think you should go back to your GP as soon as possible or even go to A/e at the hospital as coughing all the time is a sign of badly controlled asthma Also the constant coughing and breathlessness will be very unpleasant and uncomfortable for your little boy Hope he gets better really soon xx


thank you

we have been at the gp today and he will not touch his medication, hes chest is clear so said hes rellucent to prescribe more oral steroids. he said if its pollen, the weather triggering it there is not alot they can do to help is this true?

ive tried to get hold of his respiratory cons and waiting for a call bk he has not been seen in 8 months and seems to have been fogotten as he was being seen every 2-3 months.

im really getting so tired of it all now

would really like to know if the tablets have a better affect than the granules


Hi Sorry I can't help you about Singulair as my son isn't on that particular med but I'm sure someone will be along soon who will be able to . I hope by now the resp con has got back to you , it certainly looks like your son has got lost in the system if his appointment hasn't come in 8months Keep on at your GP I'm sure there must be something he could give your son to help with cough and breathlessness for the sake of the whole family It must be very tiring and worring for you all, but it will all settle in time, as your son gets older it does get easier. Hugs for you all xx


Hi mummyto3

maybe you have all this sorted out now so my reply might be a bit late. I haven't been on here for about a year as my son's asthma has been under control. I just came back online myself as it appears I might have mild asthma.

Anyway, my son is also 4... he has been on the singulair tablet for about 18 months or so. He never used the granules. He has no problem at-all chewing his little red tablet each night. The only problem is making sure you allow enough time for his food to pass down as it has to be on an empty stomach! I am not sure if the tablet would be better for your son or not but I have to say that for us the singulair was a god-send. Before that he had been on several courses of prednisolone and hospitalised for his asthma. He was coughing all the time. This worked immediately and the consultant feels this is why he's doing so well. We have been able to drop his becotide down to just 2 puffs of 50mg twice a day.

So I really feel that you need to see his consultant because his asthma is not under control on what he's already using. There must be something more they can do for him.

Hope things improve for your son.


thank you guys quite alot has happened in the last month, the gp would not help us, told us its up the resp cons so after alot of chasing around and loads of calls, we got an emergency app with the cons. which we went to on the 18th august.

they have changed his steroid inhaler to pulmicort, they wouldnt give him 5mg singulair as 4mg is the right dose for his age, although i know of several kids, who weigh less than my son who r on the 5mg tablets, they have also put him on a long term anti histamine as its obvious hes reacting to something, and also put him bk on one of his reflux meds.

we went over everything and now have a date of the 15th so a week on monday to go bk to london to have CT of his lungs, bloods for allergies and SALT review as hes possibly aspirating although im 100% he does but need it confimed.

they have mentioned 2 things Bronchomalacia and Bronchiectasis so the CT is to confirm this.

thank you very much for ur replies, he starts school nxt week so feeling very nervous about this


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