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daughter diagnosed today?

Hi, I hope someone can help me as the doctors seem to be a bit hit and miss on this one!!

My daughter is 6 and for as long as I can remember has had a 'cough'. Usually if she is running around outside in the cold and comes inside she will cough and be sick. She has had a few 'chest infections' recently (so the doctor said). Now today her dad took her to the doctors as her cough was really bad and before when she went the other doctor said that she might have asthma. Anyway, she has come home with a ventolin evohaler 100 micrograms (if that make sense). What I would like to ask is does anyone else 'think' that their child has asthma?? Apparently there is no test for it?? Which I think is a bit odd! Are there any side effects of this thing she is puffing and is it true that you can grow out of asthma when youre older??

They also said that she has ecezama (sp) as she has red dry patches on her hands and arms. bless, my poor little girl! Is there anything that I can do to help?? Ive herd about these bed sheets and laminating floors etc to help with dust.

Oh were to start, its all so new and overwhelming!! Id really appreciate some advise please.



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Hi Sara

First of all, try not to panic about it - my daughter is also 6, and hasn't been formally tested etc, but is on a steroid inhaler and ventolin for asthma, with her main symptoms being a hacking cough either at night or both night and day. Ventolin, especially if used as prescribed, shouldn't have any detrimental effects on your daughter.

Issie has been on asthma meds since she was around 2 - 3, when one of our GPs finally said that antibiotics every 4 weeks for persistant infections really wasn't achieving anything, so suggeted that it may be asthma and we started off with a short course of prednisolone and inhalers.

It seemed to work, and since then I've been diagnosed with asthma, and although mine is giving me more trouble than Issie at the moment, our symptoms are largely both cough based.

GPs seem reluctant to test younger children and rely on symptoms and whether meds seem to improve them or not. Issie had a review with the asthma nurse recently and she said she would start trying to test peak flow etc with Issie as she gets a little older (this indicates lung capacity and is used by comparing readings for the person as everybody varies).

The eczema is also well worth getting under control, and the 2 can go together, but not always - my son had eczema as a baby/toddler but seems to have outgrown the worst of it now, though still has some dry skin.

In terms of sheets, floor and stuff, it is worth thinking over is there anything in the house that is affecting her - do you have pets, does anyone smoke etc and you could ask for allergy testing to see if there are specific triggers etc. I would do this before making too many changes or buying new flooring etc.

There's lots of useful info on this site - have a look around and I am sure there are others who can offer more advice.

Take care



hi sara,

my 5 yr old son also has asthma and i was told much the same that there are no tests to diagnose it, but there are triggers that health specialists will look out for and any good gp or consultant will pick them up and be able to diagnose and treat your daughter properly.

as for the eczema things like not using fragranced products, keeping her skin well creamed and not letting it dry out and a good steroid cream from your doctor when its particularly bad. other good advice i was given was to wear cotton and clothes that breathe and not to let her get too warm as this irritates the skin.

hope some of this may be useful

becci x


Hi and welcome to you all. My daughter is also 6 and has severe asthma.She to had a chest infection every couple of weeks as a baby.She also developed food allergies and eczema before asthma was diagnosed.She was given an inhaler and we were very much left to get on with it. Over the last 2-3 years Chloe has been in and out of hospital every 2-3 weeks with an attack and we now have oxygen and a nebuliser at home. You have come to the right place to get information and advice as the people on here are a great bunch. I hope you all get the advice you need and I hope your children improve soon . Nikki


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