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19 month old - 7 courses of steriods in one month

Hi, I am new to the forum. I am an asthmatic and have been for since I was 9, my asthma is reasonably controlled with seritide, monteluklast and ventolin. In the summer of 2008 my baby was given a ventolin inhaler at the age of 6 months and since then has been in and out of hospital with asthma attacks.

During the this summer he was not to bad having a monthly course of steriods and managing only one or two visits to hospital to be nebulised. My concern is that in the last 2 months his asthma is seriously out of control. Since seeing the consultant at the end of September he has had 6 courses of steriods. He has picked up another virus which has resulted in his asthma worsening again and being prescribed antibiotics and another course of steriods.

My concern is that after seeing the consultant on Monday he has stopped the steriods and told me just to give him 10 puffs of ventolin every 2 to 3 hours and to go pack in 3 weeks. I am concern as his sats keep dropping when he is due ventolin and our local gp cannot do anthing else for him.

My husband works away from home and I have 2 oldedr daughters, My little boy takes up all of my time and I feel this is affecting the whole family. Does anyone one have any information they can share with me on this. He is on the highest dose that he can be at his age and he doesnt seem to be improving. I think the worry is starting to affect my asthma too.

Many thanks A very concerned monther

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Hi, so sorry you and your son are having a rough time of it at the moment.

Phone the asthma nurse on here, they are always very informative and I have spent 30+ mins before with various concerns. They told me what to say to the gp and it helped a great deal.

Is your son on a preventer? If not it certainly sounds as though he should be.


Hi Imummy, thanks for your reply, my son is on 125mg of seritide and montelukast sachet at night. I will give the asthma nurse a try to see what they advise.



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