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Poorly little muchkin -(

Well I have just got Emily into bed. She started with a mild cold last Saturday which suddenly went downhill Monday night so after toughing it out and hoping it was 'just a cold', we took an NP appointment on thursday to be told it had gone to her chest, she was crackly and left with antibiotics and a new spacer - her original one was so gunked up and it is impossible getting it clean and dry for her next dose as she just coughs into it each time atm. Now i can alternate :-) Friday I packed her back off to nursery as a couple of doses of antibiotics seemed to pick her up enough but today she has just gone completely backwards. Could it be cos it's been a foggy day and we did go to the park as she was so desperate to go and I thought the fresh (!) air might just do her some good. She was well wrapped up but now I'm fretting Ive made her more ill. She's currently doubled up on her steroid inhaler and have been told to give salbutamol 3 times a day as well as when necessary. So she's had her three doses of salbutamol and anti-B's today. But she's also had two spells of additional salbutamol, 3 puffs each between 7pm and 10.30pm tonight. Should I finish the course of anti-bs before taking her back or make an appointment first thing monday just to get her looked over again. Last time I thought she just had a cold I left it, it went to her chest and she ended up on a three day course of pred as the antibiotics didn't touch it, and she's worse this time. Unfortunately the dr we saw then (paediatric gp at our surgery) has now retired and the others seem to be going in a completely different direction.

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If you are worried and Emily is no better I would not wait until tomorrow , but get her reviewed today. Hope Emily is feeling better soon.


Don't beat yourself up about your daughter being unwell. You didn't make her unwell by taking her out. You were trying to do what you thought was the right thing, which is all we can ever do.

I think you should carry on with the antibiotics, but if you're still worried take her back to the GP at least so you can get some reassurance and if she needs any different treatment you will catch it in good time. Make sure that you also look after yourself so that you have the strength to take care of her.

Best of Luck


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