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Discharged from Peadiatrician. Yay!

Well i think it's yay anyway. DD was diagnosed presumed asthmatic at 9 months and given inhalers to relieve her persistent cough. We've had ups and downs, most noticably this winter where she had her first dose of oral steroids, after the registrar (I think, def not the peadiatrician we usually saw) suggested we might consider dispensing with the inhalers... Anyway, we actually saw the peadiatrician yesterday and she has discharged us from her care, saying DD is definately asthmatic (she's now 23 months) with a letter going to our GP to arrange that we now come under the care of the asthma clinic at our surgery and to see someone every 6 weeks initially so we can get a feel for how her asthma is going to affect her, presuming we have one. If not I know we have two peadiatric GPs so I guess we may see them instead. Will wait and see what come back from the hospital.

DD is to continue with her brown inhaler morning and night at the moment as it is low dose and allows room for increasing if she were to get poorly again and she hasn't had her ventolin since the steroids were given but I am just soooo happy. I actually feel that after this winter I know what to look for when DD is suffering and the help from people on here when I have become totally bamboozled by what I have been doing has been invaluable.

Thanks to everyone.

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Happy for you and DD 8)


Yay that is brilliant news. Hope your DD's asthma improves and the doctors help you as much as possible.


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