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Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone had children who were recieving theophyllin as part of their daily treatment.

Holly (my little girl) has recieved iv aminophyllin in hospital in the past but has never taken the daily form. After a dreadful few weeks with her asthma, her cons decided today that this would be the next course of action in relation to her treatment plan.

We've been given a 2 week course of pred and to go back for a review after this but her cons decided if this doesn't work then this is the road we really need to go down.

I think I've been doing too much research on asthma over the years because as I understand it, the side effects can be quite distressing with this type of medication and when discussing it with the cons today he said that theres a one in three chance that she will suffer some sort of side effect.

Does anyone have children who are recieving a daily form of this medication and if so, could you share your experiences please. I understand that all children react differently but maybe if I heard some positive stories it may ease my mind a bit about trying this.




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Hi Anne,

I took theophyline daily as a teenager and started again a couple of years ago (now in my 20's).

When taking it I had several blood tests initially to ensure I was getting the correct dose. Regular blood tests are usually given to monitor everything.

I respond fairly well to this drug, although as an adult experienced headaches.

I believe different brands/ forms (tablet or capsule) are absorbed differently so if Holly does go on theophyline stick to the same pharmacy.

As a teenager theophyline contributed to better controlled asthma and fewer admissions.

Hope that helps, based on my experience of it I would give it a try if my son was ever in the same situation.


My eldest now a healthy strapping lad of 21 was popping slo-phylin from 2 years old. He was a little wired but it did help and does not seem to have any lasting effects and his asthma is much better. At the time it was the last thing left for us to throw at him and I am glad we did it.

Good Luck



i'm 15 and been on theophyllin for a year now, at first i could feel my heart beating a little fast but after a week i got used to it and it has helped me alot!



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