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new to asthma!

i have a 2 1/2 year old to she only seems to have moderate asthma which i suppose is good compared to most she was diagnosed after have a reaction to tree pollen that set of the wheezing symptoms and since then we can only go about a month of so with out any sign of anything, her symptoms do tend to be pollen count related but the weather this year has been so mad we cant predict when this will rise. she was nearly hospitalised in june but we were lucky we saw a really good asthma nurse while on holiday who saved us the 30 mile unknown route to the local A&E. she ended up on steriod tablets and antibiotics as there was so much noise on her chest she could hear a difference between wheeze and bubble.

she was only diagnosed in april after the severe reaction to tree pollen she was perscribed the ventolin inhaler and piriton we ended back a few days later with less of a wheeze but a persistant cough we were then perscribed the brown inhaler and stop the piriton. she was relativly symptom free until we were on holiday in june when it all started again after she started with a cold, she got to the point of not being able to walk with out pain and breathing difficulties.

im now thinking a month later we are heading the same way again she has her brown inhaler 2x twice a day and has the cough and needing her blue one probably more than she should also on piriton (not sure if its a cold or hayfever). she is spending a lot of time sitting rather than joining in the dancing and stuff on cbbies and generally not playing like she does normally. Off to see the doctor later, again, we should have our own seat. Thinking of asking to have allergy testing done as not sure if its allergies triggering it.

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Sorry to hear your daughter is not well. My son started off on the blue and brown inhaler but as he was still coughing and needing his blue inhaler too much he was put on a stronger preventer inhalor.

Dont be afraid of asking for an allergy test, my son had a skin prick test to start off with and then has had various blood tests as he is very atopic and this triggers his asthma.



thanks for that

we saw a lovely doctor who had a good look at her he didn't make me feel like i was wasting his time like so many do. i explained what i had been doing he said i had done the right thing and to carry on with the piriton at least twice a day but up to 6times a day probably till the end of summer now but to review in august also that she could double up with her blue inhaler if needed. i feel a bit more relaxed about it all now.

still not sure about having her allergy tested yet maybe wait until the summer is over and the asthma is back under some sort of control and have a chat with the doctor then.


Hi, my 2 1/2 year old son has been diagnosed this morning. He is really bad at night and first thing in the morning, as well as after the inevitable terrible two tantrum!! Does anyone have any ideas on whether our 3 cats are a real issue. They are not allowed in the bedrooms at all but this seems to be where we has the most problems. Hope your little one copes OK going forward - know what you mean about having your own seat - the receptionist offered me a cup of tea last time I went in!!


rosemary is always worse at night we tend to keep her window shut most of the time now (her biggest problem seems to be pollen). we also have a cat but we have always had one so i dont think cat is one of her triggers but we are probably going to push for allergy testing when the summer is over.

the funny thing at the doctors is that they automatically think im booking an appointment for her when sometimes its for me

going to be fun next week i am seeing the same doctor i saw for rosemary on friday


animals are bad in general for Tom but he is very allergic to cats. We have been told we can not have any pets due to the severe reaction he has.


We have had to rehome our two cats due to my son's asthma but he is okay with the dog as the hair isn't as fine. I have noticed since we rehomed the cats his reaction is worse when he comes into contact with anyone or any chair etc that a cat has been on, it doesn't need to be the actual cat! When my son was allergy tested cats did come up as a main trigger but apparently the tests aren't always accurate and it is more a case of keeping an eye on symptoms. I hope you little girl is feeling much better.

Clare x


if unsure about pets being a trigger, and you think it maybe, best to ask your gp bout allergy testing as this will confirm such.

the gp or asthma nurse can then talk u through wot to do ...

good luck



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