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Antihistamine options?

Hi all, my son has been on an antihistamine for a couple for months now for chronic rhinitis and they were working a treat. However the last few weeks, it's all come back and it's triggering his asthma a bit. I'm suspecting it's hayfever starting up. He's on cetirizine but was wondering what other options there were for 3-4yr olds? Am going to take him back to the doc/asthma nurse to see if they can suggest an alternative but thought I'd see if anyone had tried anything different. Thanks!

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Hi Wheels

My little girl was on citirizine for a while but come the summer last year it stopped being enough and she was put onto fexofenadine.

Don't know if that'd be an option. My daughters 7 now, although she was 6 when she started it. We found it was absolutley brilliant for her skin allergies as well as her hayfever.




Hi Wheels. When my daughter was 3-4 she was taking the cetirizine for hayfever and when the pollen count was high she was then prescribed fexofenadine. These also helped her excema aswell and she is know on the cetirizine again already this year for hayfever. I don't give her the whole 5ml in one dose I seperate it off into 2.5ml doses twice a day and this seems to be helping her a lot more than just having the one 5ml dose.


Thanks for the response. Had to take him to the docs yesterday about something unrelated and mentioned it to her. She's prescribed him a nasal spray Avamys (fluticasone foreate). Am a little concerned as their's no safety profile for under 6's and it's also closely monitored by the CHM at the MHRA. Just trying to find out why.... He's also already on fluticasone inhaled steroid and am a little concerned that this might add up to be over his total daily dose recommended. Have an appointment with the resp nurse tomorrow so am hoping that she might be able to shed a bit of light! x


Wheels thank you for posting this question. My daughter has been on cetirizine for a couple of years now. Originally at 1 x 5ml a day, then up to twice a day and this last winter she's needed it all the time where it used to be a summer thing. I've told one of the GP's at our practice that it doesn't seem to work for her anymore and he shrugged and said ""She's on the maximum amount of help we can give her"" which, to my thinking, is pretty damn poor. Cetirizine, singulair, flixonase, clenil and servent. The asthma drugs work fine but her antihistamine doesn't seem to do anything to help her whatsoever. I can now go back secure in the knowledge that there are other drugs she could try and that cetirizine doesn't work for everyone!


Hiya Jaquimac, cetirizine was working fine for his non-seasonal rhinitis but the hayfever's tipping him over the edge a bit and he's started to get some asthma symptoms now. He's coughing quite a bit too - and the unrelated thing that i went to the doc about was his umbilical hernia giving him grief - and coughing's one of the worst things for it. I think that the doc's rational was that the hayfever was giving him mucus drip down the back of his throat (because his nose is unbearably runny!!), making him cough (rather than asthma cough). but she hasn't taken him off the cetirizine. i just thought that there might be a different antihistamine for him to try. i'll let you know what his asthma nurse says tomorrow!


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