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A Misunderstanding…….😊

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Good morning everyone,

This post isn’t lung related , so please feel free to scroll on by but I thought it might brighten a rather dreary Friday morning.

A good while ago now, when health conditions were something other people had🙄 I decided I needed to get fit. Now, I’m not built for running, or walking miles for that matter and I’m certainly not one for spending hours sweating in a gym! I’m actually built for drinking tea and eating cake, hence the need to “ shift a bit of timber” to put it euphemistically 😀

Anyway, I heard someone on the radio talking about how they had got fit through boxing training and what good fun it was and so a seed was sown. After all, boxing rounds are quite short and I reckoned even I could manage three minutes of activity followed by a rest😊 So, with the help of YouTube I set about it and actually got quite into shadow boxing. Needless to say, the cats thought I was crazy but never mind!

After a while, I thought it time to up the anti and try hitting something. Noodling around on a certain online auction site one day, I came across someone selling a freestanding punch bag in the form of a mannequin - a head and torso on a base one filled with water or sand. Fortunately this one had been filled with water so could be emptied and moved and more importantly, it was going cheap! . I brought my prize home, called him Kevin and settled him into my second bedroom. I must say, he was a bit off-putting to punch because his expression seemed to be a mix of contempt and disapproval and I’m sure he looked even more disapproving after my efforts to knock seven bells out of him😄

Anyway, one sunny day in spring I was having a spring clean and found some cookware that was surplus to requirements. I offered it on a local community website, free to a good home. A lady replied saying she would like it and her husband would collect it when he picked their young son up from school. They duly knocked but, as I opened the door, the little boy, who must have been about 5 -6, rushed past me into the living room and proceeded to run from room to room whilst his father made futile attempts to call him back. He was just in the middle of apologising to me for his son’s behaviour when the lad reappeared exclaiming “Daddy, there’s a naked man in the bedroom!” Well that was news to me I can tell you, then I realised he must be referring to Kevin the mannequin. By this time the father had gone bright red and was busy apologising for “ interrupting”. Now this is the point where I should have explained that the “ naked man” was , in fact, a freestanding punch bag but, instead, in my haste to ease his obvious discomfiture, I smiled brightly and said… “oh it’s ok, he isn’t real”. As soon as I said the words I realised the implications and hastily tried to explain but it was to his retreating back, as the poor guy had just grabbed his little boy and fled 😂 I just hoped I wouldn’t bump into him anytime soon!

After that incident I bought Kevin a t shirt! Needless to say, he didn’t look impressed by that, either. We have since parted ways😄

86 Replies
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Well that got my day off to a good start. Thank you Threecats. Xxx😂🤣😂❤️

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Threecats in reply to sassy59

You’re welcome Sassy😊xx

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🤣😃🤣😃🤣 so funny Threecats, bet your face was red for a while x

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to Izb1

It was Izb1. As it was one of those local recycling groups I dreaded bumping into him when I was out shopping, although I think he would have given me a wide berth 😂 x

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Brilliant story beautifully written! Thank you Threecats, I am still giggling 😀😂😂😀 xx

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to leo60

Glad you liked it leo 😀x

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That's so funny. Love it. have you any more tales like that?🤣🤣🤣Hope the cats weren't too traumatised.

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Threecats in reply to Alberta56

Glad you enjoyed my tale😀The cats were a bit horrified when Kevin first moved in but they soon realised he was harmless and, indeed, armless too😄 I do have one or two more stories to share in time, one concerning a flying fish😂

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Alberta56 in reply to Threecats

Looking for ward to them. xxx

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🤣🤣Brilliant story thank you 👍. Think you've cheered everyones day, put a huge grin on my face that's for sure.🤣. I wonder where Kevin is now?? 😊xxx

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Threecats in reply to Nula2

Glad to hear that Nula😀 I passed Kevin on to a young man who was into martial arts. He was and hopefully still is, a surfer as well, so turned up to collect Kevin in his vintage VW camper complete with surfboard on top. If I’d been 30 years younger he could have collected me, too😂xx

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Nula2 in reply to Threecats


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That was an entertaining read Threecats but a pity you no longer have Kevin, who knows what else may have transpired.

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to CDPO16

I dread to think CDPO 😳😂

Zand60 profile image

I'm now crying with laughter 🤣😂 thank you for your tale, it's great xx

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to Zand60

Glad you liked it Zand xx

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very funny and I hope you got rid of the unneeded kitchenware.

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Threecats in reply to Culy

I did Culy. Despite everything, the chap had the presence of mind to grab the bag with the cookware before he ran for it. I don’t think he would have called again😂

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😂😂😂 lovely story, well told - no more naked Kevins for you, I’m sure! 😆

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Threecats in reply to beech

Certainly not Beech, my poor old ticker couldn’t cope😂 Glad you liked my story!

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thanks for giving me good laugh, wonder where Kevin is now!! Jean x

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Threecats in reply to Morrison10

I’m glad you had a laugh Jean😀As I mentioned in my reply to Nula, I passed Kevin on to a young man into his martial arts and also surfing. He popped him in the back of his vintage VW camper and I’m certain I saw Kevin smile for the first time as he was driven away😀x

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Morrison10 in reply to Threecats

yes thanks, hope he’s happy! Do you still have 3 cats, mine Morrison is snoozing on his covered place on settee. Jean x

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Threecats in reply to Morrison10

I reckon Kevin’s living his best life😊 Had I been many years younger I would have gone along too, that surfer chap was jolly good looking but sadly, a short, dumpy 50 year old in sensible shoes just didn’t float his boat😂

Morrison sounds like an eminently sensible cat! I do still have three cats but sadly lost one of my original three to cancer during the first lockdown. Prior to that I had adopted a stray who had been visiting my garden regularly, so I was four cats for a while, until I lost Ella. Madame Wildcat as I call her, is feral but with time and patience has gradually learned that it’s safe indoors and so is snoozing on the chair under my desk as I type. Cats are good company, aren’t they x

Morrison10 profile image

yes cats are company, in some respects Morrison is in charge. Have a infant and junior school at end of road 100 yards away and lot children are chauffeured to school, When won’t let morrison out when road busy with school traffic he can show his displeasure by scratching furniture, so have to find other ways of distracting him. I’ve taken him up to bathroom with me, thinks I’m daft when get wet washing, cleaning teeth, but wants to taste water in sink!, sorry you lost one to cancer, well done for taking in Madam Wildcat, sounds like she is settling and appreciates new home. Jean xx

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Threecats in reply to Morrison10

I think you’re very wise to keep Morrison indoors during busy school traffic hours. Cats certainly have a remarkable ability to show their displeasure though! Well done on your distraction techniques😊 xx

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What a wonderful story, Threecats! And you told it so well! Thank you for giving me a good laugh on an early Saturday morning (btw, only just received this). A good laugh 🤣🤣works wonders!

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to BronchyBronwen

You’re welcome 😊x

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Great story -

Thank you for brightening up my weekend. 🤣🤣🤣

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Threecats in reply to Hellodolly


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This made my morning 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to Reneef

Glad to hear that 😊

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Brilliantly told. And I thoroughly approve of this post. How on earth have you kept this story under wraps for so long! 😂😂😂

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Threecats in reply to Greenthorn

Having a spring clean of my memories Greenthorn and thought I’d share this one😄 Glad you approve of the post. I know that on some other forums such off-topic posts are rather frowned upon.

Greenthorn profile image
Greenthorn in reply to Threecats

I think any post where one of us shares personal experience, either in support, or by amusement, is good. I'm repeatedly reminded how valued such posts are to those of us unable to get out of the house to meet other people. After all, these are the kind of tales told in the hospital or doctors waiting room. Humour can be so uplifting. I know what you say about other forums. Sometimes one loud voice dominates a waiting room.😜

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Threecats in reply to Greenthorn

You are quite right Greenthorn, on all counts!

garshe profile image

Hilarious, just what I would say .🙈 Made my day . Sun shining and a good laugh to start my day. Thanks to you and Kevin xxx🤣🤣👍👍 Have a lovely day xxSheila 💕⚘

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to garshe

Glad I’m not alone on that one Garshe😊 Pleased it gave you a laugh too. I hope things are improving for you. The sun is coming out here now so time to go and cut the grass. Take care, TC xxx

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That put a smile on my face. 🤣

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to watergazer

Glad to hear that😊

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Fantastic story! Still laughing!

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to Ergendl


Mellywelly profile image

Oh my god that brightened my morning 🤣🤣🤣. Across the back from me used to be students and one evening without me noticing she put a kevin out the back ready for kickboxing practice in the morning (hence to say he wasn't wearing anything either) as I let my dogs out for a last we they started barking, well the security light came on and I could only see torso upwards and thought it was a weirdo hanging around the bushes. Good job I didn't ring the police. Explain that one 🤔 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to Mellywelly

Love it Melly😂😂😂I never thought about putting Kevin outside. That would have stirred up the neighbours 😂😂

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That is brilliant! Made me laugh out loud, so thank you for sharing, have a great weekend xx 💐🌺

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Threecats in reply to Loopylorre

You’re welcome Loopylorre😊 I hope you have a great weekend, too xx

Snackjack profile image

Thank you for my morning giggle, we can always do with some amusement in our lives.😂🤣

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to Snackjack

You’re welcome 😊 I quite agree with you there, Snackjack, laughter does provide a bit of relief 😊

Karenanne61 profile image

😂😂😂 So funny! Thankyou for sharing.

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to Karenanne61

You’re welcome 😊

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Souielouie profile image

🤣 Thanku for sharing 😂

Mavary profile image

Ha Ha! Fantastic story. You must have been the talk of the place. Very funny anyway. 🤣😹

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Threecats in reply to Mavary

I do have a bit of a reputation for eccentricity with the neighbours😄 It’s not helped by the fact that I talk to my cats if they’re in the garden with me but they are all very nervous individuals, so if they clock someone coming, like a neighbour, they disappear. It then looks like I’m talking to myself and assuring myself that I’m going to go in and get dinner in a bit 🤪😂

Mavary profile image
Mavary in reply to Threecats

I talk to my cat too. I think everyone does. They aren’t as daft as people seem to think.

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to Mavary

Indeed they’re not! They’re just lulling us into the mistaken belief that we’re in charge😹

Mavary profile image
Mavary in reply to Threecats

That is so true. I’ve come to an understanding with my cat. He gets treats and doesn’t get kicked out as long as he doesn’t scratch or bite me. He’s fourteen now and at last doesn’t do it but I’ve had quite a few visits to our little cottage hospital to get wounds dressed. I still love him to bits though. 😹

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to Mavary

Well done on your perseverance Mavary!

Buzzytruk profile image

Great story, just wish sometimes I could be a fly on the wall.Jo. ☺️

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to Buzzytruk


Katinka46 profile image

Brilliant! What a fantastic tale! Xxx

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to Katinka46

Glad you liked it Katinka😊

Myownidea profile image

Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to Myownidea

You’re welcome 😄

Morrison10 profile image

Everyone liked your post, what we need on here amidst all the health problems! Well done. Though I post about my health and rare condition born with, I also try to lighten my life by recalling all lovely things I’ve done, etc, hope everyone approves. Also about my mother living to 111. Jean xxx

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to Morrison10

Thanks Jean! I’m glad some of my daft antics have raised a laugh😄 I, for one enjoy reading your posts and think that cultivating gratitude is very beneficial. It’s certainly helped to get me through some sticky patches! As you say, dealing with challenging health conditions is tough and of course the main focus of the forum has to be health matters and I am in awe of the knowledge and support given so freely and generously by fellow forum members here. I don’t have the knowledge or experience to contribute to the majority of those posts but, if I can inject a little humour here or there to add to Don and his brilliant poems then I’m very happy to do so. Besides, I always wanted to write but had to leave school at 16 and get a “sensible” job to help pay the bills, so this is my “outlet”😄

All the best to you, TC

Ps. I’m seriously impressed by your mother’s longevity! 111?? Wow!! Xxx

dunnellon profile image

Awesomely hilarious and well told! Thanks for sharing!🤣

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to dunnellon

You’re welcome Dunnelion😊

Stratos20 profile image

Ha ha love the story. You didn’t say if you lost weight or shifted any timber. Another story?

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to Stratos20

😀 the battle with the timber is an ongoing one, I fear, Stratos😀You have reminded me of another story but that must wait for another day😊

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Threecats in reply to Thinkhealthy


Ern007 profile image

Brilliant story Threecats - Three cats, a boy and a traumatised dad,😀

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to Ern007

😄and don’t forget Kevin, of course !

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to Threecats

Oh my apologies to Kevin, the real star of the story.:-)

Threecats profile image
Threecats in reply to Ern007


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Dear Threecats,

When my Sister was quite young, she had a 'question' to answer- from her Teacher. " How Often Do You, And Your Family, Have A Bath?" Dutifully she answered "My Brother, And I, Bath Twice A Week- And So Does Mummy- But Daddy NEVER Has A Bath"..... Completely Omitting That Daddy Always Had A SHOWER😲.

Imagine The Teacher's Face when our 'Showered, Clean Shaven, Not A Hair Out Of Place' -And Sweet Smelling- Father', walked in and Introduced himself. Apparently, the two of them. found it Highly Amusing, reading back what Janet had written!

I like your 'Name' Threecats- presumably because you have Four Dogs, and a Buggie😀.... Or is it Five Fish, and an Iguana.......

Take care, of yourself Threecats


Threecats profile image

Love it, AndrewT, thank you for sharing that story😂Out of the mouths of babes and all that!

As for my ‘name’, well, five fish and an iguana was a bit of a mouthful I thought, so Threecats it is😄

All the best to you, TC

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