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Respiratory physiotherapy

Dear BLF friends,

Took my friend and her daughter out yesterday. She was a joy, laughing out loud on that bike.

Third day antibiotics and respiratory physio.

It is really useful when you have a chest infection.

I thought I would share that with you.

On top of pressing on the chest when you inhale and exhale 5 times each side and on the lower lung, diaphragm level (same breathing exercise) what is new this time since he read the last xray report, where I have a pleural thickening is that he tilts over the shoulder collarbone back and forth when I breathe 5 times each side, that is useful, also when I lay on my side, he presses over the ribs and that works straight away.

I mean you can do the exercises by yourself but not the pressing so I honestly don’t think I could have got rid of this one by myself, I would have ended up with another pleurisy.

I was supposed to do 10 times each side but I have never made it. Of course you do huff and cough and he lets you rest in between. It takes 30 minutes.

I have to take paracetamol although he is not pressing that hard but with an inflamed ribcage I think I am sensitive, never mind my broken vertebrae.

Love xx


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What a happy photo Fran, lovely little girl.

It seems as if the respiratory physio is doing you good and you’re responding well. Keep going and keep huffing.

Wishing you well as always. Xxx 💖❤️😘

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Yes her name is Kalyssa she cheered me up, called me Mamie which is Granny in French. I laughed and thought she got my age right! But I was so happy.

Thank you Carole I will.

Hope you are not smoked in like Skis!!

Love, Fran xx


sassy59 profile image
sassy59 in reply to

Nowhere near poor Skis and I feel for everyone in that area.

Take it easy and relax. Too hot here on the south coast to do much.

Lots of love. Xx 😀🌼🌻❤️

in reply to sassy59

Oh good..sorry for Skis and northern residents.

Im very relaxed. Full of pills and knocked out on my bed watching football 😃

A wonderful excuse to do nothing! 🤞😍

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sassy59 in reply to

That’s my kind of day! Enjoy!

Xxx 👍❤️💕💕💖😘😴

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Haha... xx

Gosh.quite a session my happy friend,may i ask if this is privately funded or under your own French Nhs as i don't think such a personal plan and treatment would be available here under the Nhs without a considerable delay in referral and the availability of our diminishing physiotherapy resource?

Time for you to rest and enjoy the football now :)

love Ski's and scruffs

in reply to skischool

Yes, I have a prescription and carry my European Health Card. So I have to pay 20 euros upfront per session but will claim it back when I am home.

It is well worthwhile.

Watching bbc2 on my ipad! 😃

Fran xx

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skischool in reply to

i think we should all migrate to France,EHC cards in pockets.enjoy the match :)

Ski's xx

in reply to skischool

Well with Brexit my friend you’ll need a change of plan.

Thanks Xx

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skischool in reply to

i know,worrying times ahead for us international travellers and also for my health care in Spain when i finally retire to the Finca :(


in reply to skischool

You will have to get a Spanish insurance. Bea had got one which was good I will pm the name. Xx

skischool profile image
skischool in reply to

When i get my residential permit i should be entitled to local healthcare in our community,shame the local Gp only speaks Catalan.the insurance info will be much appreciated. xx

Hi Fran pleased you are feeling a little better. Glad the physio is helping send him to me please maybe it would work for me. 😀 😥 Majt Love the photo of the little girl.

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Thanks Majt 🌸 Sorry you are also feeling unwell

😃I’ll tell him x

Ok Fran, That would be great pity I didn't live nearby. 😀 😢 Majt

Buenas tardes Fran, y Ski's. So Glad for you Fran to be out and about with friends. Lovely little Girl on her Police Bike. Takes me back to when my Grandson Javier was little and he always wanted Police cars, especially with the Blue lights going, Just like his Tio Carl, my son in the Met. I still have my Residents and Health card, I paid into their System for 28 years hence I receive a Spanish Pension. Skis, Hope when you Retire to your Finca, your Doctor will speak Spanglish , most Doctors do speak English now, unless your out in the Suburbs of Catalunia and the GP is of the old school. Hope your all having a Lovely day, we still have this Glorious Sunshine , I will go in the garden soon when it cools down a bit, had my Siesta. The Flames looked so Frightening & Angry at Saddleworth Moor, it is a Vast Area, hope by now its out ? xxx

in reply to Hacienda

Buenas tardes Carolina.

Me alegre de que te recordo of buenos tiempos!!

Que te vaya bien!! 💓🌸🌞

Fran xx

Your treatment sounds amazing, I wish it was that easy to access physio here in the UK. I don’t suppose you worry about private medical insurance happylondon? Keeping fingers crossed the European health card system will continue in one form or another!

in reply to UHelga

I don’t have private medical insurance so I rely on the European Health Card.

Hope it will yes!!!

Glad your treatment is showing some positive results Fran xx

in reply to joyce74

Thank you Joyce 🌸 xx

Kalyssa is adorable Fran. Very cheering to see such a lovely photograph.

Im glad you're relaxed and watching the match, well yesterday! Thanks for sharing the physio, really helpful - Im trying to do something like that right now. :) xx

in reply to O2Trees

Thank you Jean 🌷

Glad you found it interesting.

I did do it myself this morning except tilting the shoulder/collarbone. It was ok. I need to do it every morning really..lacking self-discipline sometimes appointment is at 6 pm today.

My peakflow is climbing up to 320.

Physio said I had to move and go to the pool so gathered my energy and managed 20mn today, it does help he was right and I slept for a good hour after lunch!

Take good care xx


Hi Fran,

Your physio deserves a medal!

Outside of the US we seem very shy with regard to trying new techniques for dealing with respiratory conditions such as bronchiectasis/COPD.When I queried the fact that we were limited to "huffing" I was told it is probably due to the fact that we are a very litigious society and any errors in rehab treatment could result in a court appearance!!

If that isn't a massive accuse to cover shortage of physiotherapists I don't know what is.

I am very impressed with your experience,thank you.

Keep well XX

in reply to locheil

Thank you Locheil!

Malpractice suits are getting out of hands, they all need professional medical insurance these days.

I spoke with the physio, he is really busy from 8 am to 7pm. He thought it would ease up being summer but it hasn’t. He is especially busy with the elderly and trauma rehabilitation.

Take care too xx


What a lovely photo to brighten the morning. I’m so glad you’re feeling a bit better and able to get out.

in reply to helenlw7

Thank you Helen, glad you enjoyed it. I picked up my embroidery again, easy one until I get the laser treatment on n August 22nd.

Have a good evening x


helenlw7 profile image
helenlw7 in reply to

Enjoy your cross stitching. I have just started a new one too - it’s called ‘on the beach’ and it has three seagulls pecking around a lot of beach paraphernalia! It looks far from easy and is stitched on 27 thread evenweave fabric - I think my reading glasses will be coming out!

in reply to helenlw7

It sounds beautiful!!! And seasonal ☀️🍦🏖’ll do very well I am sure 😊

What a gorgeous can really 😊😍. I'm.glad the physio is helping dear look.after yourself xxxx

in reply to breatheeasy1

Thank you Anne 🌸💓🌷

You too xx 😘

What a happy photo -despite all you seem to be coping OK so keep up the good work and be cheerful. Never give up -do your best.


in reply to donut43

Thank you for cheering me on Dan 😃

Fran x

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