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My gp is back

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So happy to see her! Stopping steroids, dont want to get stuck on them again. I use the seretide 250 inhaler, using a spacer apparently increases lung uptake rather than swallowing it. Have tendonitis, in need of home physio which will take a while obviously, so she gave me a couple of excersises to get me started. I wish everyone had a gp who cares and understands the way she does. Makes such a big difference. :) Tulip xx

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You are so right looks like you need to keep hold of that one and do not tell anyone. ;)

Be Well

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I can only use my inhaler with a spacer tulip, otherwise I spray my tongue lol. So pleased you have a Gp who understands, thinking of going to a different one in my practice who looked after my dad for over 20 years with copd. They all have their specialities. The one I go to helped me tremendously through breast cancer....however when I've looked up his qualifications it's because he is a gynae,

hope you feel better soon,

Kay :)

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