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why does the cold weather help asthma

and hot weather does not help

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We all differ. I am the other way round. My asthma is definitely worse in cold weather, and walking can be so hard as I have to walk very, very slowly when it is cold. I have never noticed heat affect my asthma, though it is clear many do suffer.

It depends - mine is worse in hot weather and fine in cold weather. The theory is that hot air can dry out your airways in some people with asthma, some people find cold air has the same effect. Asthma really is an umbrella term for lots of different sub-types of asthma, with different triggers.

I am the oppo but it may be more to do with what type of asthma you do have. i am unsure but if its like alllergic as in hayfever time maybe its worse and if you have a lot of chest infections etc... and other chest conditions.

Like others, I’m the opposite, particularly if the weather is also damp. As a general rule though, I have to increase my asthma medication during the winter months. It’s just another example of how variable the condition can be.

I’m better in warm humid weather and poorly in cold dry weather.

Maybe more pollen in warm weather,try anti histamine.Cooler air is fresher and cleaner .

Don't know weather affects different people in different ways. With warm weather ok for my asthma but hot weather is not i can't breath but warm weather usually helps my arthritis but in winter cold triggers it and have to wear a scarf around my mouth to warm the air and it doesn't help when I'm a mouth breather as i constantly have a block nose all the time.

I’m the opposite and go on holidays to a warm climate in December as it’s a short but welcomed relief to the affects of cold air

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