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please help does anyone have GERD with there asthma

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i only just got asthma so I need all help underthesun please

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Yes I have both. I think people find their own ways of dealing with the conditions to keep them under control.

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Had Gerd long time but since been living on recliner sofa re # spine hardly get it as am propped up all time,really helps.My asthma reared its head after years gone to take Gerd place.If it ain’t one thing tis tother! Surely your doc can give you meds? Good luck.

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Hi Benjamin. Yes I have Gerd. It seems to be quite common amongst people with asthma - on here at least 😁I take Lanzoprozole for it. One a day, unless it is causing me problems, then I increase it to two a day until it settles.

I also cut out any fizzy drinks and spicy foods and try to sleep propped up, as you say, until it passes.

If you are not already on medication for this I suggest you take an anti acid like Gaviscon until you can get an appointment with your GP.

On a side note, Gerd can affect asthma so it is wise to get it under control.

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Raise the head of your bed, under the mattress, not just pillows as that could hurt your neckAvoid all acidic foods

Avoid all fizzy acid drinks

I find gluten is a definite no no for me.

I hope this helps you , good luck

Thanks for you kind words I'm on lanzorizol for it I have IBS two but now I have asthma it got much worse and I bring up stuff after eating like clear flem fomey it's getting me down I don't drink fizzy drinks I'm tea total

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Have you tried pepermint they say thats supposed to be good for stomache problems

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You def need proper diagnosis & tests!

I'm housebound I don't go outside at all gp and nurse come to me and my GP put me on propranolol and it gave me asthma attack has anyone else had beta blockers that done that?

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I too used to take beta blockers but made my Asthma worse, then they took me off them as I was told I was not allowed to take them because I have asthma. I also take Esomeprozole for my Gerd.

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Iwas also told not to eat a meal 4hrs beford you go to bed as that could cause your acid reflux up and your asthma get worse.

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I find iprobrufen triggers my asthma one gp didnt think i had asthma and put on them i was bad and it was when your local gps came out during the evening and night i had a bad one 2pm in afternoon whi h i managed to control but later on in evdn i g i had another do so my mum got the dr out and he went ballistic and said i shouldn't never been given iprobufen in first place not if you got asthma it nearly killed me i had to take 20 puff of subutamol inhaler through spacer and i had the shakes you would think i had been an zchoholic with drawing from booze but i didnt really drink much as i was dhaking that much but it did wear off.I been advise if my asthma bad you czn take upto 10 puffs every 60 seconds but if that dosent relieve it get ambulance out if you are really bad.

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I also have both I take omeprazole for gerd.

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Does that help

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I find omeprazole very good, my main reflux symptom is coughing and choking after eating much much better with omeprazole

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I also used to get terrible hiccups to which have now also gone

Bless u I have that on medication still

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Yes I think the majority of asthmatic people have GERD whether they realise it or not. I suffer bad acid and took omeprazole for a time, however my asthma symptoms didn’t improve much. It helped to cut out acidic foods like tea, fizzy drinks, and onions.

I’ve stopped the omeprazole and I’m now doing intermittent fasting, which is a much better way for me to manage it. I don’t eat any food after 4pm which gives my body chance to digest foods before I go to bed so I’m not getting the bad acid symptoms when I lie down at night.

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Hello , yes I have both 🤷🏻‍♀️ Although I do have times when it disappears for a day or two although my diet is usually the same .try cutting out one thing for a few days as often there’s one thing that really gets it going and you might be able to identify a trigger food …….I only have to walk down the bread isles in a super market and I’m off 😂😂 and yet Indian food is fine , all the best 😊

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Sometimes a change in eating habits and times of meals helps. Smaller portions, eating more slowly and not eating after, for example, 6 pm so the food is digested before you go to bed helps a lot. Cutting out all fried foods, take aways, processed foods and sticking with food that is “clean” such as fruit and vegetables and lean meat, fish, eggs for instance makes a huge difference. Raising the head end of your bed by putting blocks under the feet at the head end helps. I was prescribed lanzoprozole but I hardly need them now. Being overweight is a trigger for reflux too. I have some in the meds cupboard as standby and also some Gaviscon Double Action lozenges that I can use at the first sign of my stomach telling me I’ve eaten something it doesn’t like! Good luck.

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Certain foods are classed as triggers for GERD and GERD then affects asthma in my experience. Not all trigger foods affect all people but if you work through the list of foods cutting them all out then reintroducing briefly just one at a time this may help identify the true culprits for you. If you have an additional intolerance such as gluten or lactose these may affect GERD too so you once you might need to try excluding them and reintroducing them too. Broadly the list of trigger foods I was given was as follows: onion, garlic, tomatoes, citrus fruits, mint, coffee, caffeine, fried foods, fatty foods, spicy foods, fizzy drinks, alcohol. Some of these categories are pretty broad and I found I could have some things within a category e.g. at the lower end of the scale for example one glass of Merlot (the least acidic grape variety) but not several glasses or a glass of neat whisky or I could have something that was mildly spicy or something that was fried in a very small amount of oil like an egg but not deep fried like fish and chips! Your doctor should also be able to prescribe things like Gaviscon Advance and PPIs depending on your medical history etc. All the best with getting this all under control.

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I have had both Asthma and GERD for 30+ years, I've been through many sets of meds.I am currently on Esomeprazole night and morning.

I had a fundoplication 2010 which helped the most. I'm on Spiriva, Fostair, Montelukast.

I sleep with the bed propped up, and on my left side, that helps a lot as it stops the acid sitting in the esophagus.

I stay off spicey foods, fizzy drinks, I was never one for beer and, only have wine or spirits occassionally.

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As others have said, it’s not uncommon to find asthma sufferers who also have GORD. I believe research is ongoing to see if there is a connection between the two condition but I don’t think anything has been discovered yet. I’m currently under investigation for GORD (and have been for the past few years).

Things that help (apols if you already know some or all of these)

1) Get to know your food triggers and cut them out of your diet: if necessary keep a food diary to find out what they are

2) reduce portion size when it comes to meals. Five small meals are better than three big ones

3) do not slouch or bend over within an hour of eating. I know it’s tempting to do the former, but doing so will put pressure on the sphincter muscle at the top of the stomach which prevents leakage from the stomach into the oesophagus.

4) do not eat or drink anything within at least three hours of going to bed.

5) if you smoke, try to stop. Smoking is not good for either GORD or asthma

6) raise the head end of your bed by at least five inches. This should help keep your stomach contents where they should be during the night. Don’t be tempted to prop yourself up on pillows a) because you’ll probably slip off them during the night and b) because doing so will probably result in your torso bending just below your chest, putting pressure on that sphincter muscle again.

7) if you are overweight try to lose some of it.

The biggest problem I have (and I suspect others have it as well) is when the reflux results in breathing issues; it can be very difficult to tell which is responsible for the problem: reflux or asthma. With me, breathing issues starting within forty five minutes or so of eating a meal or having a drink nearly always mean the problem is reflux related (we know I do not have food allergies, that has been checked). During the night I have found that if I lie on my left side usually reflux related breathing issues will calm down; if it’s asthma I can lie in any position I like, the breathing issues will not go away. It doesn’t always work; if the GORD is really bad I’ll have issues however I’m lying, but in those instances I can usually feel some level of discomfort at the top of my stomach/in my oesophagus which gives it away. Other giveaways: my peak flow will remain stable if reflux is responsible (do you have a Peak flow metre? If not, you do need to acquire one and get some instruction on how to use it), and ventolin will fail to have much impact whereas Gaviscon Advance usually helps.

Sorry about the length of this reply, but hopefully some of this may be of use to you and help with both conditions.

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I just have asthma but have you rung asthma & lung uk up the got qualify nurses who there to help and talk to you if you have any problems

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I dont know what gerd is but i do suffer from acid reflux was put on lazoprazadole 1 day but now on 2 tabs one twice aday

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