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Bronchiectasis and asthma.

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Has anyone tried brensocratib for breathing problems or montelukast. If so how did you get on. Many thanks for any replies in advance.

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Hi I have had montelukast my best advice would be take in morning to reduce crazy dreams/nightmares. I did check this was ok with hospital pharmacist while I was staying in the local luxury spa they said it's fine. But obviously always check with your gp.

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Jonn54 in reply to mylungshateme

Thx for the prompt reply and did it help with breathlessness?

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mylungshateme in reply to Jonn54

Yes sorry it did well more the inflammation due to allergies side. But I'm severe asthmatic so maybe works differently.

I have bronchietasis and asthma and use montelukast .I have used it for a long time along with various other treatments. I have had no side affects and generally it all keeps things ticking over.

Hi John. I have been on montelukast for 7 years and I find it really does make a difference. ( I'm also on tiotoprium, fostair, carbosisteine, fexofenodine, and azithromysin maintainance in winter). If I accidentally run out of it I do actually notice a difference in my breathing.

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Jonn54 in reply to Callaghancam

Thanks for the reply it's good to know that it works I'm due to see specialist in June and will mention it

I'm on montelukast and still on it I've had no problems with it and I take it at night.

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