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Low energy levels after pneumonia & sepsis 2 mths ago

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Has anyone got any tips for low energy levels after pneumonia & sepsis in December please?

I'm listening to my body but unfortunately it only tells me when I've done too much.

Have taken our dog for a quick toilet walk first thing followed by a play on the field a few hours later. Felt ok when I got back but wiped out 1/2hr later. Had a nap after Hubby took me to visit my sister briefly.

I also suffer with hay fever (tree pollen & grass) I'm always poorly with it & my asthma over Easter time and have brittle asthma,

Thanks in advance for reading this.

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I had severe double pneumonia and sepsis 2 years ago, dr told me I would be 6 months recovering and to expect even small things to wipe me out. I found that to be very true and was frustrated with how little I could do. I spent a lot of time in bed, my skin went very dry and flaked off, my hair fell out in handfuls, and my nails split.

The only advice I can offer is to build up to things gradually and celebrate the small achievements. Set yourself one goal for the day and try not to do too much in one day. Perhaps only one outing with the dog, rest in between then a visit to family if you felt up to it. If you manage 10 mins with the dog one week, aim for 15 the next week. It is a long slow recovery and you may still get breathless, which tires you further. But you will recover, your body has been through a huge ordeal, you just have to give it time.

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8405loi in reply to Itsmeithink

Thank you for spending the time to write this message, it must of been a very tough time for you then. I hope you're as fit as can be now though. I will be more patient with myself and cut down on doggy walkies time perhaps chuck the ball to him more!

I'm in the process of coordinating the Big Bake Sale & Sing Night with my local choir for Asthma UK so focusing on that.

Thank you too Robin for your kind words, I'll convey it more to my family, having 2 boys under 12 will take a bit of explaining & reminding probably!

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