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Antihistimines - are they bad for you if taken everyday?

Hi All every day since April i have had to take a Benadryl Allergy Relief tablet (acrivastine) because i suffer from hayfever and get the usual if my hayfever symptoms get bad - so does my asthma!

Anyway its now July, and im starting to wonder if taking one everyday from April-July is a problem for my health?

I dont see anywhere in the instructions that says you can only take them for so long.

Any replies would be appreciated!


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I dont think there is any problem. My son is on Piriton (pm) and NeoClarityn (am) every day and has been for about a year. NeoClarityn is on repeat prescription and allergy consultant added in Piriton last year. Ear Nose Throat consultant and Paediatric consultant have endorsed this and nothing has ever been said about any problem. I have taken antihistimines on and off for years with no problems.

I have taken them daily for over 10 years without any problems!


Thanks everyone its good to know that people have taken them longer than me and are fine!

I guess i just dont like the idea of taking tablets everyday, roll on Autumn!

Julie x x

I concur, I have taken them since 2002 and no side effects. I only began to experience allergy symptoms recently and the consultant has doubled my dose which worked like a treat!

Hi julie,

I've been in antihistamines for about 15years(half my life) and usually from feb-nov and never had any side effects apart from tiredness with some of them.

I'm definately worse without them so there's no point in stopping them.

The only thing was that my doctor abruptly stopped my repeat prescription last year for fexofenadine after I'd been on that antihistamine for over a year. I found out that I was on a high dosage of it that should've been stopped after a few months at least but I'm now on a smaller dosage and that's ok with the docs.

But I think the over the counter antihistamines don't come in such high dosages anyway...

Love Lydia x

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