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Colposcopy aftermath

Hi I'm new here, I had a colposcopy done 10 days ago and the gynaecologist wasn't very helpful I had no idea why I was having it done aside from me reporting to my GP about postcoital pain and bleeding, my GP never said I would be going to get a biopsy I was just told I was going to be examined by a gynecologist so it was a surprise to me.

the procedure itself was very painful and within the first day after the procedure I passed a square piece off what looked like clear flesh about one inch wide and thick that was solid to the touch and was told it was just cells passing, I've been to out of hours twice since then due to pain and I have had discharge that ranges from pink to brown and now red for the full 10 days, I am getting what appears to be my period but I am on the contraceptive jag and that stops my periods I've never bled when on it I really don't know what's normal and the NHS website isn't very helpful either.

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We are sorry to hear you are having a miserable time.

Your GP referred you to the gynaecologist because of your post coital bleeding, that was the correct procedure , you have a good GP!

The gynaecologist did the biopsy during that appointment rather than making you wait and have to come back for another appointment, this is good practice , but we understand as you say a surprise for you.

The symptoms you describe after the procedure are not uncommon, but it would be sensible to let the colposcopy department know and at the same time you could ask how / when you will receive the results of the biopsy.

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