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Cmc joints

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Hi I'm new on here has anybody had cmc joints in thumb done I'm due to go in hospital I've read it's very painful after

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I have recently had a trapeziectomy whereby they remove the trapezium bone. This was due to severe arthritis. I am 7 months out. One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to be sure you keep your hand elevated after surgery. I diligently kept mine elevated for a good 3 weeks. I had very little pain due to this. I was extremely delighted as I had understood the same and was worried. Best to you.

Thanks for your advice how long after till you could use your thumb I'm having metal inplant.

I really can't say with the implant. I can tell you that with following drs. orders and doing my therapy(which was mostly done at home after instructions) I could gently use it after a couple of months. Because my right is so bad and other circumstances have delayed having that thumb done, I am still wearing my fitted brace on my left for safety as it will be taking the brunt of the work load once the right is done and I know that really the full healing takes a good year especially when you are dealing with your hands and your thumb that apparently takes 65-70 percent of the workload regarding the hand(so the doctor told me). I will be having that right one done within the next three months if I can stand it that long. It is actually worse than how my left was before I had it done.

I saw your question about anesthesia and I did have a general AND a nerve block and that was absolutely the best thing as it stays off discomfort for a good good 36 hours after surgery. You do not have any feeling in that arm though as well and it is completely dead weight until that block wears off, so you do need help to get up from your sitting or resting position because you can hardly manage that dead weight alone. That is absolutely the way to go, should you have that choice which you certainly should.

Any other questions, I am happy to answer.

Thankyou so much you put my mind at ease I'm having steriod injection in my other thumb while I'm under hope that lasts

I had my hand surgeon do exactly the same thing. Kind of last minute request as I was on the operating table, I asked him to inject the right hand too while I was under. Of course huge benefit not having to experience that excruciating pain that goes with getting that injection between the joints, but unfortunately it did little to help my pain afterwards. That right cmc joint is so beyond, that nothing is going to help it but the surgery. I have been fooling around with these hands and steroid injections for 2.5 years and so I am happy I am half way there with one hand done and the next on the way. And you will soon be there too!!

I had my right thumb done and honestly I thought it went real well. You do have a little discomfort and swelling. but compared to what I was and what I am now 7 months later I don't regret it at all. I expect to get my left thumb done this winter.

I am also waiting for mine to be done, next month i think .(hope)

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bluebirdgirl in reply to whit

I've waited 4 months now having a few accidents dropping things can't grasp things consultant told me I will be having a general anaesthetic but wanted Reginial what are you having.

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whit in reply to bluebirdgirl

I have copd so they a reluctant to give general anaesthetic, although 4 years ago i had a plate put in my right hand under anaesthetic with no problems, so they will be sticking whatever in my neck.

I am having trapiezectomy to my right hand tomorrow under regional anaesthetic . It's been a long wait for the op. I am a bit apprehensive about being awake though

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