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Morphine sulphate advice

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I've been prescribed morphine sulphate 10mg twice a day along with 8 paracetamol a day for chronic back problems. I'm also on other medication but the morphine is making me severely constipated which is now becoming really uncomfortable. I would like to come off the morphine but my gp appointment is 2 weeks away. Has anyone ever been in this situation? Any safe weaning off advice would be really helpful.

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Id take laxatives like senna until your gp appt. Im on a low morphine called hydromorphone, paracetemol and fentanyl patch. I have 27 problems inc the ones tou have.

Hi Doora Ifeel for you. I have ankyolosing Spondyolos witch has now Fused my total spine. I have been the pathway of all the drugs to relieve pain and I find in the end all pain relief treatments will fail as the body ajusts to them. If you are in that state of constipation you must see your local doctor strait away. The relief from your constipation could have an affect of releiving your overall pain.

I hope you get the relieve you deserve.

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Gosh Brad what a horrible situation your in. I feel quite humble and somewhat ashamed of myself for complaining about mere constipation when there are so many people out there with really debilitating conditions. I guess as human beings when things affect US personally we focus on OURSELVES and our own pain! I feel selfish in doing this but at the same time sick and tired of not being able to do all the things i just took for granted!! I do have a faith and i believe that what will be will be!!! Meanwhile I send you genuine good wishes and hope that life gets easier for you.

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