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Severe pain

Hi there, I've been getting shooting sharp pain in my hips and aches down my thighs for a few years now (I'm 47) and over past few months had pain in back (top right hand), shoulder and top of arm. Neck also sore when moving. It had always went away after a few days but just now I've had it for 5 days and can't sleep. Is this connected to my onset of arthritis in both my hips (diagnosis from recent x-ray). I also have a lump on one of my finger joints.

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I started having pains, around the same age. I'm 50 now, I thought that I was losing my mind. I kept thinking, Lord I'm breaking down!


Best advice really is to see your GP & tell them exactly what symptoms your having. It could be related to your arthritis, but if I was you, I'd seek medical advice.

Best of luck



It sounds as though you may have sciatica? I had it for years and found NHS didn't help but a private physio shifted in with 3 sessions! Worth a go if you can afford it. x


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