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Date for THR

Hi everyone

Been to see my consultant at the Royal Orthopedic hospital, Birmingham today..having viewed my xrays and given physical examination etc etc, he announced I needed a THR......... I could have kissed him!!! Then, when he said, how does q4th September sound to you....... well!! Could have knocked me down with a feather! I nearly said "what, this year????' Lol. Really thought I would be waiting much, much longer.

Anyway, Im so happy, been in so much pain lately

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I know just how you feel, I was the same in 2014

Only had one hip done and the other one and both knees have now resolved themselves, pain free is a wonderful feeling after so long.

I sincerely hope you have the same success.


Mine was opposite, two new knees five years ago, 8 weeks apart. Needed hip then,but it settled down. Now pain back with a vengeance, but only two weeks to fitness.


Very similar , I went10 weeks ago and same, I only have two weeks to wait now, had pre-ass. Etc and all set to go. Can't wait to get out of pain and be able to walk and sleep again,hopefully. I've already had both knees replaced, same surgeon is to operate on my hip. I have every confidence in him.

Good luck with yours too, let me know how you get on.


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