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Hip arthritis and replacement

I am writing for any support/help that might be out there. I broke my hip 5 years ago and had a pin inserted. This failed and I had another about six months later. Two years ago I couldn't walk upright, had physio, a screw replaced and now had the whole thing removed. I am now on another waiting list for a hip replacement. Two years of waiting lists has taken its toll on both physical and emotional wellbeing

I now am terrified of hip replacement because of previous history and wondered if there was anyone else in same position. I asked if I could drive and was told I could if it didn't cause pain, after I had told doctor that I was in constant pain. Worried about shortening of leg and was asked if I had built in support in shoe so what am I to expect?.

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This sounds like my Mum including to the heel support. She successfully had a total hip replacement and life went back to normal. This was about 15 years ago and her original fracture was 6 years previously. She has since in the last 6 months had a new hip on her other side at 94 and is pain free and active. I need two knees and am hesitating if it were hips I'd have them in a heartbeat. My Mum is a bit of a wuss (sorry Mum) and it was a walk in the park. If she can manage and do well anyone can! Best of luck Jx


Thank you


I wonder if it's worth your while to phone the Arthritis Action helpline and discuss your concerns with them? They might be able to reassure you or suggest some options?


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