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Carnt move at all

Hi, I have osteoarthritis in my hip also I suffer from hyper mobility and fibromyalgia. I hurt daily with my hips but I have no done my back out. I had to call 111 to get a doctor out as I was stuck on floor in so much pain. They give me morthine and discapan sorry don't know how to spell it. I was in so much pain they took me to a and e. But when I got there I could stand a little so they only asked me a few questions.

Told me to walk to the pharmacy which is quiet a walk. Told them I don't think I can make walking all that way, they didn't care. So I started walking my legs shaking I had a cane. I am crying in pain legs nealy giving way. Luckily a old man took pity on me and got a chair wheeled me to the pharmacy then helped me in a taxi.

Anyway Iv got worse painkillers not working Iv tryed to keep moving but now I carnt move. My hip feels like it's ripping out every time I move. Iv not had a pee for hours cos I carnt get out of bed.

My doctor said he carnt give me any medication other to what I have which is cocodomal. Told me to keep moving Iv tryed but every time I move I go into spasm and hip kills.

What can I do, sorry about spelling.

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I'm so sorry you are feeling this way and have had such bad treatment at A & E.I would dial 999 if you really can't move, the ambulance staff are always very friendly and you will get to hospital where they will be able to X-ray your hip.

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Hi, I agree with Debra and hope you will get the care you need quickly x

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That's a wretched state of affairs for you. Once this immediate flare-up has some decent care in place to deal with it, it sounds like you need decent follow-up.

Has your GP suggested a referral to a Pain Clinic where they might be able to modify your pain management routine and make some useful referrals to physiotherapy, OT, etc.?


Hi, thanks for replays my internet has been going down. I'm aliterate better but still having problems my leg is swollen and is slightly blue and purple. I spoke to a privet doctor by video link showed him my leg. He said to ring 111 and ask if I can be sent to see a doctor as it needs seeing to. Rang 111 doctor rang said he's not interested in what a none nhs doctors has to say. He was very rude would not let me talk and gave me codine.

I'm going to pay for a privet Mri at Newcastle just need a doctor to refare me but not sure if I'll make it doctors yet.


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