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Convincing evidence of fracture?

Hello, I am new to this board, and just wondering whether anyone could tell me what the above actually means?

I've been suffering from arthritis of the hips for many years but haven't been able to have replacements because of other conditions including weight.

Feb 12th this year I had a bad fall at home, and was taken to A&E and x-rays to my hip. The report stated there was no convincing evidence of fracture severe degenerative bony changes is noted. If high suspicion of a hip fracture CT is recommended. where upon I was sent home.

have to say that (not unexpectedly) my hip has been a lot more painful, and I often have trouble putting one foot in front of the other and I have to support myselfby grabbing onto solid objects.

The hip is quite a large bone, so I'm wondering considering the severe a degenerative bony changes, and that the hip is a fairly large bone would they even be able to see a fracture?

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In 99% of cases yes. Sadly soft tissue injury after a fall can take longer to heal than a break. Have a word with your GP as physiotherapy may help.

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