I have seen a chiropractor twice. The first time for a thorough examination and a little bit of treatment, the second for treatment. She thought I had torn the meniscus, which makes sense as it all came on very suddenly. The treatment consisted of manipulation very similar to what I had from a physiotherapist on my other knee nine years ago plus ultrasound (I think). There has been an improvement, but it is early days and I have had many set backs in the last year. She gave me one exercise which I thought I'd share. Stand with your feet little more than hip width apart and parallel, squat down, not very far, making sure that the knees point outwards. Apparently, women tend to point their knees inwards when they squat, modesty or years of wearing tight skirts. That puts a strain on the inside of the knee. Check next time you load or unload the washing machine. I started with five repeats and am aiming for twenty.

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  • It is brilliant that your sharing your experience others will get a lot of encouragement from it so feel empowered as thats what your doing for other well done with exercising :)

  • I have been seeing a chiropractor for osteoarthritis and fybromyalgia for 2 months now, I see her now once a week and the improvement is noticeable. I have more energy and am able to do more, I still get pain at night but it is much improved.

  • Good to hear you are improving. Fibromyalgia sounds awful. I was very sceptical about using a chiropractor, but I heard good reports and nothing else helped.

  • I have now had three more appointments and am much improved. For the third appointment I marked a tender spot on the calf muscle with a cross and told the chiropractor that I thought this was a major part of my problem. She has worked on it each time and it has made such a difference. The annoying thing is that one of the physiotherapists (I have seen five and a student) identified it last May and told me to massage it myself. I tried but with little effect. The fact that the chiropractor said I had to lie face down for her to get to the spot shows I did not have much of a chance. It seems to me that physiotherapy has changed in the last decade and become much more hands off and less intensive. The one who recommended diy massage was teaching students, so it must be official. No appointments were less than two weeks apart; the chiropractor has wanted to see me weekly and really massaged my knee. I am so glad I decided to leave no stone unturned.

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