Yaah steroids

Im in my 3rd day of taking a 3 week course of steroids plus a new med to add to my methotroxate . Can you hear them all rattling around as I type. Along with the many other meds I take for Menopause High blood pressure and mild depression I am taking on average 21 tablets daily. CRAZY!!! (Thank goodness for prepaid prescriptions.) But I think the steroids are doing their work. Just got back from a 2 day job delivering First Aid training ( 6 hours a day pretty much standing) and I can still walk upright without going ouch at each step. Oh the total joy. It may not last but I am reveling in my new feel good factor. xxxx

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  • Would love to follow up and see how you do. But......u sound young,I'm 77 and ouch all dY on injectable embrel( once a week) LIMBREL A RX VITAMIN, AND LOTTTTTS OF TYLENOL( 2500 mg throat the day total)

  • Im Fristrated . Im just coming up to 54. Though age is irrelevant with this blinking nuisance of a disease. I will let you know how it goes. I must admit went into Preschool today where I work 2 days a week and was able to sit on the floor for the first time in ages and actually get up in a almost dignified way. The children were most surprised they are used to having to pull me up Ha ha.

    Sorry you ouch all day


  • Sorry that should have said Hi Fristatred not Im fristrated though at times I sure is


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