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I have seen so many stories of how people are living in so may have pain and my heart goes out to them.

I've been having problems going downstairs for over a year, my ankles don't want to do it and sometimes I go down the stairs sideways to avoid the stiffness and pain. I also have creaky painful knees going up stairs. This week I had flu like symptoms which are improving but this stabbing pain came in my hands and wrists it was enough to distract me from my tv programme. It comes when I do stuff such as peeling potatoes. These things bug me daily but I don't want bother my gp I feel like I'm wasting their time. The pain is mild I suppose, I get other symptoms too but I've been told I will develop arthritis at some point due to a previous injury.

Did or does anyone else have mild to moderate symptoms I read so many stories of people suffering so badly and I feel so awful for them and like my complaints are trivial :(

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I had severe pain in one hip for many years and survived on pain killers. A very nice male doctor!!! told me I had a high pain threshold and anyway no surgeon in his right mind would operate on me! So keep taking the co-codamol!

A chance conversation sometime later with a women doctor and I was referred within a week and six weeks later had a hip replacement.

There is hope if you persist, don't accept the first answer you deserve to have a pain free life.


Hi Doubtingthomas, It's something we all worry about going to the Doctor wasting their time, but they are there to reassure us at what ever stage we are in life with a medical problem, if there is one piece of advice I can offer! is the sooner the better you might save yourself a lot of heart ache in the long run, but end up not only helping yourself? but helping the N.H.S. in the long term and they need that more than ever right now. Hermes123.


Please talk with your doctor. Early diagnosis and treatment can give you more time. I waited or put off or didn't face it, or whatever excuse that makes you justify not taking care of yourself. Believe me, should haves concerning my health has proven to be detrimental. Just wanted to share how important you are and glad you reached out. Remember, it is what it is. Have a blessed day!


Reading most of the posts here has made me realise that my arthritis is very mild as well. I am determined to keep it that way. As I have said before excercise is something I really believe in. It has worked on several occasions in the past and it is important to start before the arthritis gets too bad. Unfortunately I have not found the NHS very helpful this time.

Other countries like Sweden and Denmark have programmes of information and excercise for people with OA. You can look up BOA registry Sweden or GLA:D for the Danish one. I have used to find suitable excercises. They have recently published a book on knee arthritis. I have not read it, but it looks good. Arthritis Research UK has a

really informative site.

I eat rose hip powder. It has been found by Arthritis Research to help. Google rose hip powder and you will come across their research. It is also given to horses,which makes me think there must be noticeable results.

Hope you soon find solutions to your problems


No idea where that smiley face came from GLA:D, Good Life with osteo Arthritis in Denmark. Why there is a colon instead of an i is a mystery.


Thank you all for your kind comments.

I have have seen my gp one of my tests suggests inflammation but they're waiting for the others to come back and I have to go back in a couple of weeks.

I'm hoping to have some answers soon, I woke up last night with pain in my hands. I hope everyone is as well as can be expected xx


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