Well the first two infusions have gone without incident. No side effects , so far. No benefit either. The good news is I do not need to consider it again for six months. I am back on Methatrexate . My Angio CT has turned up Mediastinal /right hilar adenopathy- lung cancer. At least that is how it comes up when you google. I have another CT Thorax in February.

We are going to Mazatland January 13th. So I plan to park my skinny behind on the beach. No more 'treatment'. This is a very hectic time of year for us. Hubby's birthday, Dec 18, dad Jan 3, son Jan 11th. My daughter is moving to the island for four months, co-op training then our anniversary is Jan 18th. It is nice that my family understands the fatigue is brutal. I stayed as long as I could then went home . That way I do not feel guilty about everyone else. So far so good. I hope you are all managing the holidays well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

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  • I know how you feel sometimes the fatique is as bad as the pain, I'm on Benepali and am getting a lot off fatigue at the moment but on the 7th off January we are off to the Canaries for a week so looking forward to some winter sun

  • Hello, I was diagnosed with RA in 2012. I was put on methotrexate and that didn't work. I was put on another drug and six months later had lung disease. I was put on another bio-chemical drug and in 2015 I was diagnosed with three different skin cancers, one being melanoma. Aug 1st 2016 I was on Rituxan. My stomach hurt so bad, my head hurt, The medication helped with the pain, but the side effects from the Rituxan. I kept going to the doctors and they would tell me that my sickness was from my RA. I went to see my primary doctor and told her I have been so sick. I told her I went to urgent care and my WBC was over 20,000. She asked me what they had done for me and I told her they just told me not to do that infusion anymore. My doctor reordered my blood work. Two days before Christmas she called me and said she had a consultation with a hematologist. I went and had an appointment with the hematologist. She found lumps on my breast and told me to get in and get a mammogram. She also feels I have Polycythemia Vera which is a blood disorder. So on the 11th and 12th of this month I am having, lab work, X-rays, CT scan and mammogram. Just to hope that I dont have these things on top of my RA. I know how you feel about being tired, I feel that way everday and can't get anything done.

  • Please let me know how things work out. I seem to tolerate Rituxan, so far. Migraines are a constant in my life. I do not count them as a side effect but Humira and Orencia gave me severe back pain ? I still do not understand how a drug gives you back pain. I also developed Pityriasis Lynchnoids. It is an autoimmune disease but for me drug induced. It is frightening, many drugs have such lethal side effects apart from infusion reaction. My thinking is the risks are to great and potential benefits not good enough to justify the risk for Me. Again, not recommending this approach to anyone else.

  • Dear Damaged,

    I am glad you were able to tolerate Rituxan. As I said I had three different skin cancers from RA medications. Well this time after taking Rituxan I was diagnosed with stage IV incurable melanoma lung cancer. I have to go through a MRI on my brain to make sure it didn't spread there and I have to have a lung function test before a doctor will see me. I have already had one doctor not wanting to see me. I had to go to the hospital yesterday I was hurting on my left side and it hurt to breath. I have also had a massive headache since monday. Yeah I think if the side effects are too much it is not worth trying...Too late now...Danna

  • I am so sorry to hear that Danna. I also have a friend that has developed three cancers since starting Humira. Kidney, colon and multiple myeloma. It is difficult to know if they are from autoimmune disease or drugs. I think that three months on Biologics can not be considered causative in her case. It never ceases to amaze me. The women I meet are so strong. I strongly recommend you look up Phoenix Tears or CBD powder. It has reversed several "terminal" cancers. My heart goes out to all of you. Living with these conditions is so challenging at times. On a positive note, the work being done with nanotechnology and lasers is amazing. Anything is possible. Hang in there and feel free to scream whenever necessary.

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