Hyaluronan Injections For Knee Osteoarthritis

These injections range from a one-time injection to weekly injections for three to five weeks. They can't be used by people with skin or joint infections. My husband told me about his friend's wife having them done (USA)

I assume they're expensive over there, but I wonder if the NHS covers it and has anyone had it done and benefited from it?

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  • I think you can have them done privately - not regarded as value for money on NHS after some trials (I think). I have been looking into it after my GP suggested them for my knees but she said to contact my rheumatologist and see if he would do them (if worthwhile) as a private patient. I am still researching! It would be interesting to hear if anyone in the UK has had them and of they were helpful!

  • Thanks for the info, Pands. I'm going to research it further also. Lab and clinical research hints that hyaluronan may do more than simply re-grease a creaky joint.

    Steroid shots work more quickly but this other injection lasts longer. Relief would be nice!