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Just diagnosed osteoarthritis in fingers

Hi, I was diagnosed on Friday with OA in my fingers. I do not have any pain (yet?!) but had noticed in recent weeks that my hands were swelling a bit and in particular I couldn't get ring on middle finger of my left hand which I had worn for years.

I would really appreciate any advice from others who have similar experience. I know everyone is different, but wonder what likely progression may be. I am 50 years old and have practiced yoga for many years and been fit and healthy... until this year when the menopause has taken hold fast and furious with a myriad of challenging symptoms. Am feeling it is all linked and have seen links suggested between hormones and OA in women. I feel in shock with all the sudden changes.

Have had a look through some of the posts on here. Sending warm wishes to everyone for a good and pain free day.

Joanna X

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