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I am writing my speaking and listening GCSE coursework on how we should invest more in major charities that are not as publicised as others, and I am using Arthritis Care as my main example. I chose to use this charity as my nan was a sufferer of Rheumatoid arthritis, and she sadly passed away when I was only 8 so arthritis is a close matter to me. I was hoping if any of you would be able to help me and give me any examples of how arthritis has affected you, if there was anything that you would like to say about support you get from charities or how important charities like Arthritis Care is for someone like you suffering from this so that I can use first hand examples from suffers.

Thank you in advance for your help x

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Hi Nicola15, I'd love to help! Shall I email you? Off to work now but could send something later :)


Yes that would be great thank you. My email is


Sent :)


Thank you so much again, the information was so helpful and insightful :)


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