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New to RA Diagnosis, Need advice!

Hi Everyone,

Just been diagnosed with RA. Was wondering if/when you get side effects like, say sore throat or regular cold are you supposed to go to your regular Dr or call the clinical nurse at the Rheumatology dept? With winter coming up, how is one supposed to differentiate between a regular common cold or something more serious, when just starting out on new meds like Mtx? Are Strepsils good enough with Paracetemol to deal with this now. Am finding out new things each day!

Thanks, any help appreciated.

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Hi, I too have recently been diagnosed with RA. I am in the UK, and my GP prescribed codeine phosphate which I have to say are brilliant. For the first time in years I can sleep nearly all night with no pain. My Consultant just prescribed Quinolane ? Which is to halt the continuing attack of my immune cells, no real effect from that yet, they take 3 months to kick in.

I have to see the consultant Gain in 2 months when they will prescribe another additional pill call metha(something ).

I have Lways had rhinitis , so no change there .

But, all that said I have been able to stop drinking my regular bottle of wine a night to get to sleep, and I feel a million dollars.

I do hope your docs find the right mess for you.

And, if any of my info helps you, I will be happy.


Here are some resources for information on RA:

MY Facebook RA support group -

Clint Paddison's Program For Rheumatoid Arthritis - e8175c-rsxg4oq0on-haxf10fo....

I was diagnosed two years ago. I changed what and how I ate. It made a huge difference. I have not had to take any of the conventional drugs.


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