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A little bit of help?

I'm new here and I'm 16 years old, in 2011 I was hit by a car.

My left ankle was totally destroyed and after 1 hour of the nurses debating to have my ankle amputated they decided to try their best and repair my ankle, after about a year I started getting really bad pain in my ankle. I would walk only for an hour and it would hurt like mad. We waited a whole year going back and forth to the hospital until my 16th (2015) when I was allowed the operation to remove cartilage, I was told I had arthritis to this day I still get pain and swelling constantly, I was wondering weather anyone had any suggests for home remedies or Advise to reduce the pain? The options from the hospital was, joint fusion, joint replacement, ect, however it's usless as I'm so young and the doctor does not recommend them.

Really would appreciate it, thanks!

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Hi I've just had 3 joints in my foot fused 4 months due to arthritis they don't like doing fusions on young people because they only last 10-20 years depending on your life style, there is a fantastic group on facebook called ankle fusion with people all over the world who have had/having/considering or in your case aren't allowed! They will have all kinds of ideas and suggestions for you, worth a try? Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions/ queries 😁

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Thank you! It's hard talking to my parents about it due to the fact they don't really understand the pain from it, I will definitely have a look. Thanks again! X


My daughters are 18 and 27 and like a good mum a shared my genetically dodgy joints.they both have arthritis in their knees. They fully understand what your going through and the struggle you are having with your age. I waited 10 years for my new knee ( 4 weeks ago) as i was too young .there are lots of options to keep you going. Talk to your doctor .make them look it up!! Consider it homework for them .O.A.TS procedure is a cartilage graft from your own joint to the worn out bit. They can replace cartilage using lab grown stuff you have to younger and physically fit to have it. I had fluid injections .they were awesome.had cortisone injections .brilliant. Try heat packs when resting .get your foot looked at by a Podiatrist may help. Know your limits but keep exercising. Good luck


Thank you! Yeah sometimes people don't understand at this age so it's nice to hear there are others! 😁 I will definitely take your options thank you again! 😊


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