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Marian Mrs

Just been diagnosed after ten months with psoriatic arthritis prescribed Methotrexate

Not sure about this as there seem to be a few side effects. Any one out there taking

It Life on hold at the moment can't do the things I would like to do so I need help of

some sort. Walked my dog every day went swimming once a week always active, not

young anymore , over seventy. Trying to stay positive.

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Hi, I have PA & AS have tried most including Methotrexate without success. It is annoying as my Specialist says that having both these conditions, it is very hard to treat. Meth does have side effects, works for some, other it doesn't. Good Luck. Keep walking!!


Hi Ladyinred - I have been on Ciclosporin for the past 8 weeks, and it has worked wonders with the plaques and itching!! I can now concentrate on a new drug which I should be taking in the next couple of weeks for my AS.


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