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Hip replacement update

Hi all, I have seen my surgeon last week and he said it will need a new ball to be placed in the socket, this will be like a revision operation which can take 6-8 weeks providing they can get the part needed. This can be worse when you're older due to the bones not being as strong as when you're younger although I was very young the first time, therefore I hope I am still young enough to be okay. Thankfully, this morning, I just had the letter to go for a pre-op assessment for next Wednesday 22nd so fingers crossed I pass this as I am trying to keep moving as much as possible and eating as healthy as I can.

I also had a bone scan last Tuesday so will get the results in 4-6 weeks from my doctors so that should let me know if any problems that side. Will keep you posted and hope everyone is coping well with their pain and the warmer weather of summer will make it better for you all.

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Hi Cath,

Good luck with your pre-op, hope everything goes well.

Best wishes,


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Thank you Georgia


Good luck - just wondering approx how old you are now?


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