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Not getting any relief from the medicine my rheumatologist put me on

Earlier this month I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis . My rheumatologist put me on Meloxcam witch is generic for Mobic 15mg .I've been taking it for about two weeks now. I'm still having symptoms of pain in my shoulders ,hands, knees and feet as well as in my elbow at times. My question is this . Shouldn't I be getting some relief with the medication by now? Or will it need to take longer to help ease my symptoms? I'm just wondering.

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Hi there, from experience I have found that you may be on a medication for as much as 6 to 8 weeks before you start to feel the benefit from them. Try not to lose heart, keep on taking the medication and hopefully you'll see some results soon. Best of luck. xx



I've been on Meloxicam for 4 years now. I still have pain but not as much. But one thing is for sure, when the weather changes the pain gets worse. I also use icy hot. That helps alot also Try it and see if it helps you any.

Good luck to you


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