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The Blessing of Postpartum Psychosis

The Blessing of Postpartum Psychosis

The title of this post may seem strange but postpartum psychosis has been a

blessing to me. How can a serious, life-threatening condition be a blessing?

How could numerous hospitalizations, numerous attempts at treatment, numerous

sleepless nights and an illness that nearly cost me my life be a blessing?

Nearly seventeen years ago I was struck [...]

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2 Replies

I love this piece JenniferM, it's how I feel too. Thanks for posting it.

"...Although your experience may never seem like a blessing, I hope you can find the strength to be a blessing by sharing your story so others know they are not alone, they should not feel guilty and that there is hope in the midst of postpartum psychosis."


Thank you for your positive feedback. I hope the post is encouraging to others.


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