The Blessing of Postpartum Psychosis

The Blessing of Postpartum Psychosis

The title of this post may seem strange but postpartum psychosis has been a

blessing to me. How can a serious, life-threatening condition be a blessing?

How could numerous hospitalizations, numerous attempts at treatment, numerous

sleepless nights and an illness that nearly cost me my life be a blessing?

Nearly seventeen years ago I was struck [...]

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2 Replies

  • I love this piece JenniferM, it's how I feel too. Thanks for posting it.

    "...Although your experience may never seem like a blessing, I hope you can find the strength to be a blessing by sharing your story so others know they are not alone, they should not feel guilty and that there is hope in the midst of postpartum psychosis."

  • Thank you for your positive feedback. I hope the post is encouraging to others.

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