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Hi, how long did you stay on medication after ppp? I was on a low dose of quitiepine affter I had my now 4 year old. Stayed on it whilst pregnant. Baby’s nearly 2 now but have been on high doses or different meds since my stay in hospital nearly 2 years ago now. I feel like I am coming out of a massive low (maybe undiagnosed bipolar but they think eupd) but im wondering if the meds are just keeping me more unwell than I would be without them? I used to have lots of energy and ahead of time but I haven’t had any good highs for nearly 2 years! I miss having lots of energy and feeling normal. I still have very bad memory problems and still feel numb all the time. I’m wondering if the meds are now holding me back? My mh team said I’m on the same meds that I would be on with bipolar anyway. But when I start feeling better I always feel like I don’t need them and feel like they are keeping me from feeling good x

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Hi Bumblebee, thanks for our post. I'm 4 years post PP as well and I had a minor episode 2 years as well. I had no prior mh diagnosis. I was on olanzapine for roughly a year, from 2016-2017, with reducing doses in the last 3 months. My experience of olanzapine was that it was effective for me in reducing the length and severity of my episodes but I did find it made me very tired.

I still take sertraline 4 years down the line to level out my mood. I find it helps me handle the peaks and troughs of being a mum with young kids a bit better! I'm sorry to hear you're feeling a bit flat. Are there things that help lift your mood? I have struggled with my mood with the added stress of the lockdown in recent weeks. Do you think other factors may be contributing to you feeling as you are besides the meds? I don't have bi polar so can't really comment on that side of it but I think some of the ladies on here will be able to relate to that. Take care of yourself, x

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Thanks for your reply. I was switched off serterline as it wasn’t working for me. I am on stronger ones now and she said about upping the dose. I don’t feel emotional and I don’t really get it in that sort of way. I just feel psychically tired and drained all the time. No motivation ever. Everything is such hard work. I just want to have energy again. No anti depressants are working and it’s making me wonder if maybe I just shouldn’t be on them?x

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No worries Bumblebee. Could you discuss with your mh team how you are feeling and what the risks/benefits would be of reducing or coming off anti-depressants? It sounds like some professional input/advice might make things a bit clearer for you. Sorry I can't give you a yes/no answer on this (as I'm not qualified to do so.) But I think a frank conversation with your mh team about how you are feeling may give you more clarity about what to do, x


Hello Bumblebeeee

I'm sorry you are not sure if the meds are working for you. I think recovery is different for all of us, some quicker than others. I agree with the good advice you have had that it might be a good idea to ask for professional input.

I understand how the effects of medication can make you feel tired and drained. I think it's hard some days to be motivated, especially in the uncertain times we are going through.

When I was recovering I sometimes felt that my medication was holding me back but it was actually keeping me stable.

It is an awful feeling when everything is such hard work .... sometimes finding the right balance of medication which suits you is helpful, as it was for me. I hope you can possibly speak to your care team for their advice. Take care. x

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