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Did anyone top up breast feed


With or without meds as breastfeeding is important

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Hi Bluelady-sing

With my second (2.5 years after PPP) I was adamant I wanted to breastfeed, but given how it went with my first (had to stop because of medication), I was cautiously realistic about it, so we had a box of formula ready in the cupboard, just in case. I ended up producing a lot more milk than I needed, so I had a big freezer stash, ended up donating to the Herts Milk Bank as well for NICU babies. My psychiatrist was supportive of breastfeeding even on the medication I was on (quietapine) as it was a really low dose and she said the risks of any medication going into the breastmilk is slim to none. I told her how important this was to me from the moment we met (25 weeks preggo).

We ended up throwing out the box of formula, as it went out of date-unused!

Hope this answers your question - any further qs let me know.


Thanks Dora how much quetiapine where you taking

Had to juggle my brain a little, but I think it was 100mg daily

I pumped while using formula when couldn't breastfeed due to meds, and then swapped to breastfeeding once could go on to breastfeeding friendly meds. However, it was hard work and nurses in m&b unit weren't particularly helpful or supportive apart from getting me an electric pump to use. I was so poorly that feeding with breast or formula was very hard and exhausting but kept trying and it all got easier as I got better. My daughter had a tongue tie which didn't help, but again got easier once this was cut. Not easy but possible, but you have to be determined and that's hard when you're poorly. Good luck!

Yes I top up breastfed while on 10mg olanzapine. We did about 3/4 formula 1/4 breastfeeding and I also pumped breastmilk from time to time to be fed to my son at night while I slept. The combination worked really well for us, it gave me the freedom to sleep, allowed me to rest and recover from the physically traumatic birth and complications I had, but also the breastfeeding helped me to bond with my son. Initially the MBU consultant psychiatrist advised me to stop breastfeeding to recover but the staff were supportive of my decision and I had lots of help from nursery nurses and breastfeeding specialists. I would wholeheartedly recommend doing both if you want and your meds allow. I should add the start of breastfeeding was very difficult because I was trying to build up my milk supply and the midwives encouraged me to feed every 2/3hrs - it is much easier when they get most of their nutrition from formula and breastfeeding becomes more about bonding.