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Relapse risk


Does anybody know what the risk of relapse is for pp with no further pregnancies and no bp diagnosis.

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Hi XxAnnaLouxX

There is some information on APP’s website FAQs page that you might find helpful: (‘Am I likely to have an episode of psychiatric illness at other times?’)

The information includes the following:

‘The long-term outlook after an episode of PP tends to be very good and women recover fully. However, some women who have had PP will have further episodes of illness unrelated to childbirth.

Just over half of women with Postpartum Psychosis will experience an episode of depression, bipolar disorder or related illness at some point in their lifetime. (This estimate includes women with and without experience of mental illness before their PP episode, and so the risk may be lower for women whose PP episode was ‘out of the blue’.)’

I worried a lot about future relapse while recovering, I’m sure everyone does. Personally, I think it’s important to be aware there is a risk, but also to try not to let it worry you (I do realise this is easy to say). We know first hand that an episode of mental illness can hit anyone at any time so I think of it as being forearmed - being aware and trying to look after our mental wellbeing can only be a good thing.

I hope you’re doing ok, look after yourself.

Jenny x