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I have had a meeting with my new CPN today and she realises where the problem lies, I was sexually abused two brothers and a cousin and my narcissistic mother tried to cover it up and tried to put the blame on me as though I had done wrong, I have been a chronic inpatient with mental health services ever since the abuse 40 years ago. Finally I think someone is listening to me at last. She said first of all we have to get your diagnosis correct, she had 7 written down. I have been diagnosed with every mental health condition under the sun. She then said we have to sort tis issue of a controlling narcissistic mother into consideration. I believe I can work well with her as she is down to earth, she swears and says it how it is. She disclosed to me that she has a narcissistic mother so she knows where I am coming from. I have all the confidence in the world with her. She has put my name forward for trauma therapy and says that as she has worded it they will probably put me top of the list.

Best Wishes and a Happy New Year to everyone X

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Hi, do you have postpartum psychosis?

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Hi Poulson

This is really good to hear, I’m glad you’ve found someone you have a connection with and have confidence in.

Happy New Year to you too.

Jenny x

I love it when doctors are real with you. I find so many just act robotic. When I asked mine if I would ever get better when I was in the thick of it, instead of being positive she said "I don't know...I'm not a fortune teller". I cried the entire way home because of it.

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Hi Poulson,

Good to hear you have had a more positive experience with your new CPN and are feeling more confident that you will get the appropriate support. You have been through so much, take care and I hope the trauma therapy comes through soon for you too. Xx

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