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Medication - how much can it do?


Sorry for the questions, but I am curious as to how much medication can do for clinical depression and anxiety?

Can it only do so much? Or does it make people 100% again?

I'm sitting at maybe 70% my old self, and it's not where I want to be. They're thinking of adding Lamictal as the Seroquel alone is not enough. How much did medication do for your depression?

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Hello Twhtwhts

We are all here to share experiences so please ask as many questions you think might help you. From my own experience I think you are doing very well to be 4.5 months postpartum and feeling 70% like your old self.

Medication has changed since my PP and it might be that it can now lift depression 100%. I was floored by my depression and at the time I had medication in tandem with ECT which worked very well as a last resort.

I think the advice and support in your other thread from mums is good in explaining that it does take time to fully recover. I understand how you want to be back to your old self. I was anxious to be well so that I could be 'over it' but as mentioned in the PP Insider Guide for partners " the experience of going through PP does not need to be 'done and dusted' ...." Unfortunately, you won't be able to control how long recovery takes, especially if you are suffering with depression and anxiety but with the good medical support and guidance you have in place you will eventually fully recover.

Take good care of yourself. We are all here to listen.

I recommend keep talking to your doctor's, also exercise and diet really helped me, but it's hard and what works for one doesn't always work for another.

I'm on Seroquel now and it really helps, but it's been a long road to figure out what I needed.

I agree that 4.5 months PP and 70% is great! Your hormones and body are still regulating even without postpartum pyschosis. You are a warrior and I am proud of you!

Good luck, and use this forrum to help as much as possible.

Scatter Kindness


Hi Twhtwhts, I would say that medication plays a big part in your recovery but there are other things that can help you like K8stack says like eating well, exercise, fresh air and getting enough sleep. Other things that are important are doing something that you enjoy, maybe a hobby or having some time to yourself and trying to reconnect with family and friends. Hope that helps xxx

Without medication I think it would have escalated out of control and I just may have gone suicidal I think it is extremely important. Once you feel back to feeling able to cope then CBT can help you get to thinking better. You may be able to come off all meds and feel almost normal. To be honest I have never felt back to my old self. I think that all depends on circumstances and how much support you get from family and friends.

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