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Olanzapine v Quetiapine

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Does anyone have any thoughts on the difference between the 2 above medications? My daughter had PPP 3 years ago and occasionally has a relapse. In June the mental health team switched her onto Olanzapine 10mg a night. We are not sure about it. Any comments gladly received.

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Hi there

I have had PP twice and have developed bi-polar also. Olanzapine is really effective in calming my heightened mood and manic phases. It brings about calm and allows my body to res and sleep, which is essential to get well. Is there anything specific you are worried about xx

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Hi Sweenm,

Medication can be such a balance and people respond differently but like Frankieb, I also took olanzapine after I had PP (10 years ago now), along with lithium as a mood stabiliser. I feel very fortunate not to have had any relapses since but am much more aware of my mental health these days. It must be hard for her that your daughter has occasional relapses, I hope that she has good support from the mental health team - as well as family and friends?

If you’ve not already seen them, APP has a number of Insider Guides, written with clinical, academic and lived experience input, which might be useful, the link is here: app-network.org/what-is-pp/...

I hope that the medication changes and shared experiences here are helpful for your daughter, take care, xx

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Hello Sweenm

I'm sorry I don't have any experience of these medications as they were not on my list when I had PP twice many years ago.

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry your daughter occasionally has a relapse which must be very worrying at the time. I did have a relapse during recovery after my first PP due to trying to reduce medication myself, as I was tired of taking it and thought I didn't need it. This was the wrong thing to do and I went downhill very quickly, so I understand how frightening a relapse can be. Thankfully, I gradually recovered and this was the only relapse I had.

Is it possible that your daughter can speak to the mental health team if she is not sure about this medication at night? It must be a great comfort to your daughter that she has your support but please take care of yourself too. We are all here to listen.

Many thanks for all your inputs. Your support is much appreciated. We are seeing the mental health team this week and hopefully get their point of view.

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Hello Sweenm

Thanks for taking the time to update .... we are more than happy to support you in helping your daughter. I hope meeting the mental health team this week will be reassuring.

I did also wonder if Prof Ian Jones at APP's Second Opinion Service might be able to offer advice to your daughter's care team? Your daughter's care team or GP can make a referral, which is free of charge to your daughter or the referring NHS Trust, the link being app-network.org/what-is-pp/... opinion service/.

Prof Jones has been very helpful to some of the mums here and their families. I also had the good fortune to meet him years ago when he kindly confirmed my diagnoses. As you will see from the link, Prof Jones is based in Cardiff but it is possible to have contact via Skype if needed.

I hope this might be helpful. Take care.

Hello, I was put on olanzapine and found it the most unpleasant medication. I put on a lot of weight, felt awful and totally filled down. I am on lurasidone now which is a new anti psychotic and much better, the side effects are more tolerable and I can feel more alive. Maybe asking the wrong question and find a totally different anti psychotic which is just as effective without the side effects.

Hope this helps

Suzanne x

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Hello Sweenm

I hope your daughter's appointment with her care team went well and their point of view was helpful. Thinking of you ... take care.

I found olanzapine made me very sluggish and gain weight but does work really well when I’m actually unwell. Quetiapine I felt a bit better on but I’m now on asenapine a newer drug which for me I feel alert on and lost all the weight I put on with the other drugs my thinking is clearer on it and I don’t feel like I’m on a drug if that makes sense it works well at helping me sleep and quietens my mind it’s a sublingual tablet the only bad thing is it tastes horrible makes your tongue taste horrible and you’re not supposed to have a drink for ten mins after so it can absorb it only lasts for a few minutes after but I’ve gotten used to it

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