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quetiapine extended release timing


I was just wondering what time of the day people find is best to take quetiapine extended release in order to make the most of the time with their baby? My little man seems to go off to sleep around 8pm.


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Hi kittenki

I took mine around 7pm. Early evening seemed to suit me ok, I was drowsy in the evenings after taking it but generally ok in the day. When I was in hospital the med round was around 10 and I could barely get out of bed in the morning, moving it earlier really helped.


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That's fantastic thank you xx


No later than 8pm otherwise mornings are really difficult because of the drowsiness.


Hi Kittenki,

I didn't take this medication so don't have any experience to share. Timing it with your son's bedtime and also to ensure you get a good night's sleep would seem to make sense, I am sure your care team can advise. I have also been reading your other posts and I hope all goes well for you in the MBU. Take care, thinking of you and wishing you and your family all the best, xx


I took a different medicine. The main thing i learned is dont worry re timing but make sure you take it every day. I was waiting for babys last sleep at five weeks and i often fell asleep before taking the medicine some days, and things got bad.


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