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What your experiences? first appointment visits what were you asked? did your mental health overshadow things?

Did anyone have fertility problems?

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Hi, I had fertility problem - polycystic ovaries so after 2 years we were referred and had a coruse of 6 moths clomid and then 2 rounds of iui- 2nd round fell pregnant. Unfortunately my fertility hospital was further away then my main hospital so after 6 weeks pregnant- I was moved to my main hospital, in the end it seems that things were missed at the delivery stage (e.g like a heart shaped uterus which meant the placenta would be hard to deliver- I ended up be rushed into emergency theatre because of this — this was one of my biggest triggers when I delevoped PP)

Other than that I didn’t find that many questions were asked regarding mental health even tho I didn’t have an mental health issues beforehand.

I hope this answers your questions but if you have any more than please ask :)


I have PCOS too quite badly, my Gp has not really been supportive - I have had to fight for investigations as they seem to overshadow things with mental health worries I do not know why


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