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Flowers will grow again

Flowers will grow again

Here I describe my Psychosis and Recovery simultaneously.

Below Pikorua, a Maori symbol that resembles intertwined new growth (Pikopiko Fern). It represents beauty, strength and endurance of the bond of loyal friendship between two people. My partner and I (single twist) and then double twist including our baby.

The picture is called "contrasting" and resembles the difficult times, but also life and its beauty. Flowers will grow again.

Health and happiness to you all. Sabine :-)

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Hello Sabine

Another really inspiring piece of your lovely artwork. We are all flowers trampled on by PP but we will grow again ......

Take care :)


Thank you for your compliment and resonance of my thoughts and creativity with regards to the experiences of all the mums on this forum and anywhere else on Earth.

Wishing you well,

Sabine :-)

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